Etude House Best sellers (+ My thoughts on those products)!

Update 21-Apr-2016: This post was written in 2014. Etude House have since then launched many new products and they now have a global website where they offer international shipping. Check it out. The bestsellers list also keeps changing.


I browsed the Etude House English website today (for some info on the new launches) and I must say is not very helpful since it does not mention the products. All the products are listed on the Korean website only. However, the English website does have a list of Etude House bestsellers. I have tried a few of them and I thought if sharing my thoughts on the ones that I have used!

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Etude House makeup and beauty bestsellers:

1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream – Bright Fit

2. Etude House Skin Malgeum

3. Etude House Moistfull Collagen Cream

4. Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

5. Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher

6. Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk

7. Etude House Magic Tint Balm

8. Etude House Oh M’Eye Line

9. Etude House Missing U Hand Cream

10. Etude House MiniME Be My Princess Perfumed Mist

I have used and loved

  • 5 – Lovely Cookie Blusher
  • 6 – Dear My Blooming Lips-talk
  • 8 – Oh M’Eye line
  • 9 – Missing U hand cream

I did not have a very good experience with 1 – Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream

I just got (haul coming up soon)

  • 3 – Moistfull Collagen Cream
  • 4 – Volumecara
  • 7 – Magic Tint Balm!

(So basically only #2 – Skin Malgeum and #10 – Perfumed Mist are left 😉 )

Precious Mineral BB cream Bright Fit

Despite it being the #1 in this list and also winning second place in the Etude House awards (conducted through facebook), I did not have a great experience with this BB cream. First because the color suggested to me (when I bought it in December 2012) was Honey Beige (#3) even though I know Natural Beige (#2) works better for me.

Second because it did not really suit my skin. I have dry skin and this is a bit of a  moisturizing BB cream so I have no idea why it didn’t work for me. I also think that this BB cream does not work well in humid weather.

As per my knowledge, the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream works well for normal, combination and dry skin while the recently launched Precious Mineral Cotton Fit BB Cream works well for oily skin.

The Precious Mineral Bright Fit Bb cream comes in 4 shades (as per my knowledge) – 1 Light Beige, 2 Natural Beige, 3 Honey Beige, 4 Sand Beige

Etude house Precious Mineral BB cream bright fit

Etude house Precious Mineral BB cream

Read my review of the Etude House Precious Mineral bright Fit BB cream.

(Sorry for the bad photo, in my defense I was a newbie)

Lovely Cookie Blusher

My favorite powder blushes of all time (yup!). I love the packaging, the color selection and the puff 🙂 I have two shades #7 Rose Sugar Macaron and #12 Plum Mousse Cake. In my opinion, these are the only two shades which can show up on darker and yellow-ish skintones (like Indian 😉 ) while the others are too light, at least for me. I sometimes use these as eyeshadows too. These are easy to apply with the puff, brush or fingers and they stay on for long. The #7 has shimmer so it gives e summer glow too 🙂

There are 10 shades in this range (taken from website) –

  1. Our No. 2 Shoe
  2. Raspberry Tart No.3
  3. No.4 Carrot Cheesecake
  4. Apricot Pudding No.5
  5. 6 Grapefruit Jelly
  6. Sugar Rose Macaroon 7
  7. 9 Sweet Muffins
  8. No. 10 Peach Parfait
  9. Pitch 11 Shoe wafers
  10. No. 12 Plum Mousse Cake

I am yet to review the blushes that I have. (Coming soon!)

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk

I love the two lipsticks I have from this line. I have worn one to death. My friend even teases me when I wear it now (because I wore it everyday for 2 weeks after buying)!

The color selection will also blow your mind (24!!!) I have PK014 and PK015 from the Pink-talk release and I am sure I will buy more shades before leaving Korea. These lipsticks are creamy, stain the lips a bit and last long!

The color selection (translated using Google Translator from the Etude House Korean website)

  1. OR202 Fun Coral
  2. OR204 Shame Coral
  3. OR205 Exciting orange
  4. OR206 The fresh orange
  5. OR207 Refreshing Orange
  6. OR209 Coral coveted
  7. OR210 Beats Coral
  8. OR211 Holly is a orange
  9. PK002 Angry Pink
  10. PK003 I’m jealous Pink
  11. PK004 Breathtaking Pink
  12. PK005 It thrilled Pink
  13. PK006 Scandalous Pink
  14. PK007 Aeteuthan Pink
  15. PK009 Puffed Pink
  16. PK010 Prudish Pink
  17. RD302 Rage red
  18. RD303 Fantastic Red
  19. RD304 Spicy Red
  20. RD305 Unstoppable Red
  21. RD306 Frightened Red
  22. BE101 Beige Tease
  23. BE104 Subtle beige
  24. BE105 Indifferent beige
  25. BE106 Senchihan Rose

Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk (Talk Pink)

  1. PK011 Confident Pink
  2. PK012 I Desire Pink
  3. PK013 Pounding Pink
  4. PK014 Nolan Pink
  5. PK015 Dazzling Pink
etude house dear my blooming lips talk review

Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk PK015

Read my review of the Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk – Pink Talk PK015 Dazzling Pink.  (Yet to review PK014)

Oh M’Eye Line

The second ever makeup product I used from Etude House, this eyeliner (I have only used black) featured in my 2013 favorites. I like intense black eyeliners and even though this is not the blackest black (like Carbon black from L’Oreal), it is black enough (4 blacks in one line!).

This eyeliner is easy to apply, comes with a simple brush applicator, does not dry out fast and is easy to remove. It is not waterproof but for everything else, it is perfect (for me)!

Oh M’eye Line come in 3 shades – Grey, Brown, Black

etude house makeup

Etude House Oh M Eye Line – Oh My Black – Liquid Liner

Read my review of the Oh M’Eye Line – Oh My Black.

Missing U Hand Cream

Cute packaging, wonderful formula! This is a good hand cream that also stands for a good cause. Etude House supports a lot of social causes and the one I chose to support through them was saving the Eagle Owl (Pink packaging – Very Berry Cherry flavor). I also love the fact that this hand cream is paraben free! It is my favorite hand cream from Etude House  and lists very high in my all-time favorite hand creams! This range of hand creams keeps changing keeping up with the theme of the charity Etude house supports.

Read my review of the Etude House I Can Fly! Missing U Hand cream (Very Berry Cherry).

Photo of Etude House Missing U I can Fly Hand Cream in Very Berry Cherry scent (Eagle owl) for review

Etude House Missing U I can Fly Hand Cream in Very Berry Cherry scent (Eagle owl)

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