Etude House Bunny Nails 01 Dalmatian Bunny NOTD

I am going to share the details of the newly launched Etude House Bunny Nails soon and decided to do a simple Nail art using the set that got recently.  In the Bunny Nail set, there are two tiny bottles, with one containing a nail paint with tiny nail brush, suitable for French nails , and the other as loose nail art chunks in various shapes and sizes. In the first 2 sets, 01 Dalmatian Bunny and 02 Analog Bunny, the nail art chunks are shaped like a Bunny in addition to circular black and golden chunks. I have the set #1 so here is what I created from the set a couple of days ago!

nail art

NOTD: Etude House Bunny Nail #01 Dalamtian Bunny

Products used:

  • Innisfree Eco Base Coat
  • Etude House Sweet Idea Bunny Nail #1 Dalmatian Bunny (Black Bunny glitter and White French)
  • Etude House Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat
etude bunny nail

Simple Nail Art using Etude House Bunny Nail set

I know how I used the White French is not how it is intended to be (using as base color in this notd) but I just wanted to see if it will work well that way. It did but just took more time than with normal brush since this one is tiny! I am happy with the result I got! (Caution, the “bunnies” do not stay on the nails for long if not glued well and the bunny’s ears get caught in clothes and stuff easily)

What are you wearing on your nails? What do you think of the Bunny Nails?


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