Review: Etude House Dear Girls be Clear Moisturizer

Hello everyone! So I have been using my Etude House Dear Girls Be Clear moisturizer for about a week now and I am ready to review it. Just so you know the temperature is in the range of -3 to 6 degree celsius and it is really windy on most days here in Seoul. So in this harsh weather, which is going to get colder and harsher in the coming days, has taken a toll on my skin. So let’s see if this Etude House face moisturizer has done my skin any good!

Etude House Day Cream for oily skin

Etude House Dear Girls be Clear Moisturizer

Product: Etude House Dear Girls be Clear Moisturizer

Claim: Formulated with a non-sticky gel type moist base, this whitening + UV protective moisturizer lightly glides onto skin, promoting a milky-white bright complexion.

How To Use: Every day after morning cleansing and toning, smoothly apply along skin texture. Lightly pat to finish.

USP: SPF 30/PA++ Whitening

Etude House skin care

Etude House Face Moisturizer review

The product has plenty of fruits extracts like Grapefruit, Coconut, Lime including many others. I prefer face and body lotions in pump-form as it makes it easy to use and travel friendly. I also noticed a little bit of brightening effect that my skin had. It is a very white-ish look that does not seem unnatural!

I applied this moisturizer for 5 days before seeing any noticeable dryness on my face but by the end of day 5, I had developed plenty of dry patches on skin especially on the forehead, right cheek and the area a round my chin. I had not used anything new in these 5 days so I sort of knew that this moisturizer caused the itchy patches (yup, I feel like scratching my face off).

I stopped using this for 2 days and using my Etude House Shea Butter Essentializer, a moisturizing day cream I have been using for over 3 weeks, and my skin is (S-L-O-W-L-Y) returning to normal again.

Rating – Debatable (2/5 for dry skin in winter, 4.5/5* for oily skintypes)

*approved by my friend who has oily skin)

Recommend – Depends. People with oily skin should go for it. For people with dry skin, do not try it at least until summer!

Repurchase – No

I am sure I had my apprehensions while buying this cream which is oil-free to begin with but I bought it anyway, thanks but no thanks to my adventurous side. I plan to keep this stored away from my eyes until summer and see if it suits me then because I usually have no idea on what to apply to my face in summer, it is oily but gets dry if I do not apply a moisturizer. My skin is weird that way. Anyway. I hope you got some ideas on what to expect from this product.

Have you tried the Etude House Dear Girls be Clear Moisturizer? What are your HG skin care products for winter?


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