Etude House Eraser Show Cleansing Serum – REVIEW

I picked up the Etude House Eraser Show Cleansing Serum a few weeks ago and I have been using it on alternate days alongwith my Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm. The review of the Banila Co. Cleansing balm will go up sometime next week as I am yet to take the demo photos but today I finished testing the Cleansing Serum and here are my thoughts on it!

etude house product reviews

Etude house Eraser Show Cleansing Serum

Product: Etude House Eraser Show Cleansing Serum

Claim: Infused with Argan Oil and Aloe Vera leaf extract, this serum-like cleanser soothes and moisturizes skin while melting away all makeup, including eye makeup, leaving skin soft, and feeling refreshed and clean.

Quantity: 75 ml (2.53 fl. oz.)

Etude eraser show review

Etude House Cleansing Serum

Price: 8000 KRW

Directions: Massage onto dry skin, including eye area. Rinse with warm water.

etude house serum

Etude House Eraser Show Cleansing Serum

I prefer using Cleansing products where I do not have to tug at my skin using cotton pads and swabs (some parts of my face turn a bit pink!) So Cleansing Balms are my favorite way to remove makeup. I have used Cleansing creams before, the one that I used did not remove all the makeup and also I had to wipe it off with a wet cotton pad.

So I got the Banila Co. Clean it Zero cleansing balm and since it is very expensive, I wanted to find an affordable option. I found one (exactly 10000 KRW cheaper!) at Etude House.

photo demo and review of etude house cleansing serum

Etude House Cleansing Serum – Eraser Show make removers

The Eraser show is a range of cleansing products at Etude House.

There is a mascara remover, which has a mascara type wand,
a cleansing stick, which looks like a wax stick,
a pack of cleansing bars, basically cotton swabs filled with cleanser (up for review next), and
the cleansing serum!

The Cleansing serum has (true to its name) serum like consistency (very similar to my It’s Skin Skincell Clinical Solution Serum) and is white in color.

It smells fresh and simple!

And it takes off all makeup (as you might have seen in the collage above). I even remove my eye makeup including my mascara with this serum. I only use a cleansing water to clean my waterline and this cleansing serum takes care of the all the rest of the makeup!

It does not irritate my eyes and does not leave any makeup residue on the face. Best part is that it is easy to use (no cotton pads needed) and a little goes a long way. I only use a cotton pad if I am wearing a bold lipstick but it is not necessary. Once  I wash my face, there is not makeup left, it leave the skin soft and clean! Despite being potent enough to take off waterproof mascara, I think this cleansing serum is very gentle to the skin.

The packaging is basic but cute and I love the baby blue, pink and white combination!

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

I do not like the feeling I get after using this product because I am used to the “squeaky clean” feeling! But despite that preference, I should admit that this has removed all my makeup every time I used it –  including Etude House 3 Step Volumecara (some cleansers cannot remove this that is why I am mentioning it specifically). If you have dry skin or if tugging at your skin using cotton buds makes it sensitive, I would suggest using this product! Just massage on face and wash with warm water! It is affordable too!

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