Etude House Eraser Show Remover Bar – Review

To be honest, this is one of those products that you find innovative and just want to try out, knowing you can still do the same thing without spending extra the money! I got the Etude House Eraser Show remover bars last month and have tried them a few times to see if they worked as well as I thought they would! Read on to find out if these impressed me!

etude house makeup cleanser cotton bars

Etude House Remover bars

Product: Etude House Eraser Show Remover Bar

Claim: Individually filled with Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract enriched makeup remover, this soft cotton swab instantly lifts off smudges and makeup mistakes, while leaving the rest of the makeup untouched. So convenient and compact, it is perfect for on the go quick makeup correction.

Quantity: 20 bars

Price: 6000 KRW

etude makeup cleasners

Etude House Eraser Show Remover Bar


  1. Hold the bar vertically, a lid side of the bar upward. Pull up the lid in a gentle turning motion to apart both ends.
  2. Leave the lid side open and let formula inside flow down and fill the opposite tip.
  3. Gently apply the saturated tip of the bar to remove makeup mistakes.
  4. Use a dry tip of the bar to wipe off any surplus remover. Discard swab.

I do not touch my makeup during the day because I am not out for more than 5-6 hours at a time. Another reason is that I do not wear heavy makeup! So anyway. I used these at night to remove my makeup and I think this is a really innovative idea.

etude house remover bar how to use

Etude House Remover Bars review

These are meant to be for on-the-go makeup touch up such as remove any fallouts or smudges during the day and these remover bars deliver the promise they make!

These Remover bars come in a cotton swab form, and the best part is that they are dry and can be carried anywhere. When you remove the second side (read the directions), the liquid filled in the stem of the swab, travels to the other end, making it ready to clean up!

The cotton swab absorbs the remover and now you can clean the smudges. It does not irritate the eyes (even if used in the waterline) and also does not disturb the rest of the makeup.

etude eraser show

Eraser Show Remover bar review

I loved the concept and used these to clean up the smears under my waterline, this is the best way to remove eye makeup especially if you do tight-lining!

Remember that these are for makeup touch ups and small makeup removing  jobs (hehe), these are not meant to remove full face/eye makeup. And I think these are not the most affordable makeup touch-up option. However, they are travel-friendly and fulfill their purpose well.

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

A totally useful little innovative product, this is one of those things that you do not absolutely NEED but if you feel like you can use it, rest assured that it will deliver 100%. You can carry this in your makeup bag and be sorted! No need to carry removers and cotton swabs!

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