Etude House French nails, Dear My Enamel gloss, apricot stick HAUL

Another small shopping day in Seoul for me. There have been so many New Year sales going on (including a month-long Korea Grand Shopping Sale) that I am finding it difficult to control myself. I may have to ban myself any more beauty and makeup products. The funny thing is that I haven’t bought any clothes, shoes, handbags or anything else apart from accessories, makeup and beauty stuff. I am good in all those things but ever since I have come to Korea, I cannot help myself but pick makep and beauty products. They run so many sales, I always get sucked in! So anyway, here are the things I purchased this time.

etude house products

Etude House Shopping haul!!!

Etude House Dear My Enamel Gloss ERD301
Etude House Apricot Stick #8 (2308)
Etude House Green Tea Nose Pack
Etude House Acetone-free Nail Remover
Etude House French Nails #06 (silver)
Etude House French Nails #07 (gold)


Etude House I Need You, Pomegranate! Mask sheet
Etude House milk talk strawberry body wash
Etude house Collagen Moistfull firming eye cream
Etude House Fresh Cherry tint RD301
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton fit

Another time I go to check out one product and come back with at least 5. Good thing I keep myself in check and calculate the total (to keep it under a certain amount)!

I have been wanting to try out the Dear My Enamel Gloss but the first thing that prevented me from doing so is the name – Enamel gloss. I associate enamel word only with teeth so the Gloss did not sound very good to me. There are 5 shades in store at the moment and the only one that I wanted to try was their RD301 gloss. The rest are all too light for my lips.

I also got the apricot stick. 2013 was a year of tinted lip balms for me. I tried a lot of them and loved a few, and the front runner is Etude house Sweet Recipe Candy Stick (Pink). So to see if this one is comparable, I had to get it. Again I went for the darker shade in the line!

I was running out of my nail polish remover so the Acetone-free nail remover caught my eye. And the time of picking up the remover, my eyes fell on the silver and antique gold French nail paints. I love French nails and with glitter, I think the manicure goes to the next level. So I picked both of them.

And when I ready for billing, I picked up a Green tea nose pack. I have a blackhead remover Clay pack from The Face Shop but I have never tried the strips. Let’s see if it works better than the clay pack!

For gifts with purchase, I got the I Need You Pomegranate mask, Moistfull collagen firming eye cream and the Precious Mineral bright fit BB cream!

More Etude House reviews are in store so stay tuned. Subscribe if you haven’t already and tell me what are your favorite Etude House products!

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