Etude House Haul – Gangnam Shopping Part Two

Welcome back to Day 2 Part Two of my Gangnam shopping haul. I shared the things I bought from Innisfree in Gangnam last weekend and today I will do my favorite Korean brand – Etude House. I love most of their products that I have used until this point, I especially love the packaging. It is super cute and girly! From seeing their products (and other Korean brands too) you can guess that they put effort in packaging their content well.

Some stores have the same theme as on their paper bags and it looks so cute even from the outside. I wasn’t a very girly girl till I turned 25. haha and now I can’t get enough of pink and girly things 😉

So here is what I got:

Photo collage of my Etude House cosmetics

(left) Etude House shopping haul, (right) milk talk body wash and sponge

– Collagen Eye Patch (500 *KRW)
– Milk Talk Body Wash – Strawberry, Strawberry Milk talk shower sponge (2750KRW + 1250 KRW)
– Sweet Recipe Candy Stick #1 (3150 KRW)
– Bling in the Sea #1 (2000KRW)

*KRW – Korean Won

I just wanted to try the collagen eye patch and got one for 500 KRW. I never really do anything about my dark circles or puffy eyes so if this works, I may get some more.

I got the newly introduced Milk Talk Body Wash – Strawberry, and a milk talk shower sponge to accompany the body wash (You know it was important for a proper bath experience 😉 )

And then Sweet Recipe Candy stick because I do not already have a million lip balms. What can I say, it was pink and in the candycane packaging and it was on sale. Oh well….

And the last thing that I really “needed” was another glittert nail paint. Another impulse pick!

I will be doing the swatches, review etc. in the upcoming weeks once I use them fore sometime and form my opinions about them. Stay tuned for the Part 3 of the Gangnam Shopping Haul!

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