Etude House Look at My Eyes 3 Color Palettes (Swatches)

Etude House released 3 eyeshadow trios this year under the name Look At My Eyes – Dolly 3 Step Eyes. The colors from these shades can also be found in their regular Look At My Eyes eyeshadow singles and are listed on the packaging. These retail for 13000 KRW each. Each palette contains a sparkly shade, a light shimmery shade and a matte shade. They have also demonstrated a specific way of applying them. These eyeshadow trios are not marked as limited edition.

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Etude House Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow Trios

The three eyeshadow trios are: (names are taken from direct Korean to English translation so may not be correct)

01 Sseomsing Rough (PK002, PK005, BR404)
02 Brunch Time (BE104, BR402 ,BR402)
03 Love Potentiometer (OR206, RD301, PK004)

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01 Sseomsing Rough (Look At My Eyes Palette #1)

etude house eyeshadow palette

Etude House Look At My Eyes Palette #1

02 Brunch Time (Look At My Eyes Palette #2)

dolly 3 step eyes eyeshadow swatches

Etude House Look At My Eyes Palette #2

03 Love Potentiometer (Look At My Eyes Palette #3)

etude house dolly 3 step eyes

Etude House Look At My Eyes Palette #3

The packaging is really cute on the outside. Pink slim plastic case with white and silver detailing (the silver gives a hologram type effect). Another thing worth mentioning is that the flip goes way to the back so it can sit parallel to the surface when opened.

These come with a mirror on the underside of the flap (thumbs up) and a double-sided sponge-tip applicator (I use them for inner corner highlighting so I am happy).

These are travel-friendly and I think it is possible to create at least one smokey, one neutral and one glam shimmery look with this palette. Not bad for a trio!

And just for a bit of color appeal, I picked up the 03 Love Potentiometer. I will review it soon! Stay tuned

etude house look at my eyes eyeshadow trio palettes

The last photo belongs to Etude House. Rest are all mine!

Do the Etude House Look At My Eyes palettes look interesting to you? Which one eyeshadow trio would you like to try?

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