Etude House Makeup and Accessories shopping haul

Hi everyone! How are you? I have been shopping in sprints lately and I might have gone a bit crazy at Etude House, as you will see in this Etude House shopping haul (and might have seen here). It is the happiest place on planet earth for me. It’s pink, has makeup and cute packaging and runs SALES regularly (notice the sale in caps, point made!).

As I mentioned in previous video and blogpost, I am building a small manicure kit for myself. I actually got this idea the other day when I was in Etude House and saw 30% discount on accessories (See that haul)! So I decided to buy cute things for my now-essential manicure kit. I have one since 2008 and I am bored of it all. The Nail file has lost ts plastic handle, the scissors are a bit loose and the nail shining block has lost its colorful coating! So Yes. I needed one!

Etude House make up - high beam highlighter, blush, lipstick, gloss and nail accessories

Etude House Makeup and Makeup Accessories haul

Etude House Shopping haul:

  • Bow Tie Scissors
  • 7 step nail block
  • Small Nail file
  • Cuticle remover
  • Ice pop double sided nail file block (brown)
  • Ice pop double sided nail shining block (pink)
  • Lip brush
  • Blending brush
  • Dear My Crystal Gloss in CRD301
  • Dear My Blooming Lips Talk in PK015
  • Lovely Cookie Blusher in #12 Plum Mousse Cake
  • Secret Beam Highlighter in 01 Pink & White Mix
  • No samples 🙁

I don’t cut my nails with scissors but I use them to trim my brows when I do threading. Cutting is gonna be fun now! I just can’t get over how cute it is.

I bought the 7 sided block because it is multi-purpose and I think it would be handy. The steps are written in English and the surfaces are quite similar to what they are if made separately. So I even after the print fades away, I know the filer, smoother, shiner and buff.

I bought the small nail file because my nails are always brittle and breaking so I wi;; keep this in my handbag in my makeup pouch. I do not disturb my cuticles a lot but sometimes they dry out so I push them back and remove them using this cuticle remover.

Ice-pop double sided nail file and shiner blocks are super fun and cute. There are a lot of similar things and duplicates but I really wanted a few option in my kit. This is definitely the cutest manicure tool I have ever seen.

I have very few makeup brushes so I bought lip brush which I actually use to apply a dark shade in my crease (I have my own makeup style). And of course a girl who loves smokey eyes can never have too many blending brushes!

The crystal gloss looked similar to a Chanel lip gloss which is primarily why I bought it but sadly this is not as opaque as the Chanel one. It would have made a killer dupe for Chanel. The lipstick was one of the latest shade launched by Etude House in their Dear My Blooming Lips-talk line (love the name of the range too). It is a creamy, satin-finish bold pink shade.

I do not wear blush very often but this color looked like a good option for fall and winter makeup look. I usually wear very light shades, this is a big change for me. The best thing is that it is matte.

Talking of mattes, let’s to go the other end of the spectrum – Highlighter! I already have an Etude House Secret Beam Highlighter in 02 beige and Gold (not the real name but something like that in Korean) so I bought the cool-toned 01 Pink and White Secret Beam highlighter. The colors look beautiful in the packaging but have no payoff as individuals – they collectively swatch as a beautiful vibrant silver highlight.

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