Etude House Milk Talk Shower Sponge REVIEW

This is just a quick post on what I think about the new Milk Talk Shower sponge. I don’t think this is the most important review post I am doing but I was really curious about these when they were launched, I got them and on the first day of using I formed my opinion. And I hope my review helps someone save 2 bucks. So anyway. These have been launched with the Milk Talk Body washes which come in 5 flavors – Strawberry Milk (reviewed here), Steam milk, Banana milk, Chocolate Milk and Apple Milk and they come with corresponding shower sponges (added cost of 2$). I got the Etude House Strawberry Milk body wash but ended up getting the Steam Milk shower sponge. Here is what I think about it!

etude house milk talk bath sponge review

Etude House Milk Talk Sponge

Product: Etude House Milk Talk Shower Sponge

Price: 2500 KRW (~2.5$)

Let’s just jump right into the review!

The shower sponges are not as popular as the bath lily and bath mitts. This shower sponges are cute to look at but are not the best for the skin in my opinion. It is not very soft when dry and even after getting drenched in water, it gets squishy but remains a little harsh for the skin.

Another thing is that since this a sponge, it takes a lot of time to clean this up (remove shower gel residue) after bath which I think leads to a lot of water wastage. I do not have very sensitive skin but this felt relatively harsh on the skin making it not suitable for everyday use for me. I don’t think it is abrasive but it is still tough on the skin and maybe good for exfoliation. In my opinion everyday use may strip the skin of moisture and lead to drying.

And a small concern for me also is the round shape which makes it difficult to hold well and apply to the skin.

Another drawback is that there is no way to hang it to dry, it does not come with a string or anything. It can only be placed on top of the Milk Talk Body wash bottle. As you use up the shower gel, it gets difficult for the bottle to hold the sponge. I know these are not big concerns but I think it solidified my opinion about this product.

etude house milk talk shower sponge

Etude House Milk Talk Shower Sponges (left to right) – Strawberry, Banana, Apple, Steam Milk, Chocolate

* The second photo belongs to (Etude House Korea website)

Rating: 2/5

Recommend: No

Repurchase: No

I liked the Milk Talk Strawberry Milk Body wash but ended up not liking the shower sponge. I have always been a fan of bath lilies!

What are your favorite bath products?

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