Etude House Moistfull White Cream – Review, Price, Details!

The Moistfull Skincare range is one of the most well-known skincare ranges from Etude House. They have not added any new sub range to the Moistfull range but these skincare creams are well loved. I used the Moistfull White cream a couple of times in winter but since it did not provide sufficient moisture to my dry skin, I waited for summer to use this. So here is the review!

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Etude house Moistfull skincare

Etude house Moistfull White cream

Product: Etude House Moistfull White Cream

Claim: Moistfull White is formulated with Baobab Tree, Niacinamide and Rose Hip Oil to supply brightening moisture care. This facial cream fosters smooth, bright complexion with its soft texture and brightening beads.

  • Baobab tree extract helps in moisturizing, improving elasticity of the skin and encourage regeneration of skin cells.
  • Niacin-amide helps in brightening and whitening the skin
  • Rose-hip Oil helps in repairing sun-damage and preventing wrinkles.

Quantity: 50 ml

Price: 18000 KRW (~18$)

* I used a 10 ml tub that I received in a Moistfull Trial kit that contained 3 Moistfull skincare creams – Moistfull Flower, Moistfull White and Moistfull Collagen.

Etude house Moistfull White cream consistency

Etude house Moistfull White cream

Etude House Moistfull skincare range (reviews linked):

The Etude House Moistfull White Cream comes in a frosted glass jar with white plastic lid. It has a cute packaging with silver accents but the tub form may not be a hygiene-lover’s favorite packaging. The cream is also white in color which has a wonderful gel like texture and comes with small white beads (which are supposed to brighten the complexion). The white beads dissolve on instantly application.

Etude house Moistfull White cream ingredients

Etude house Moistfull White cream

This is a fast absorbing cream and does not leave any residue once it absorbs into the skin. I did not notice any instant brightening from this cream and no long term impact either. But for summer, this proved good enough for my dry skin. It does not cause my skin to break out which is usually a problem for me in summer.

I like the sweet floral scent of the cream even though that is not an important factor in a skincare cream. This face cream is not my absolute favorite from the Moistfull range in fact I loved the Moistfull Flower cream the best. The Moistfull White actually comes much later in my list!

My preference:

Flower Moistfull > Moistfull Collagen > Moistfull Super Collagen > Moistfull WhiteAloe Moistfull

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

This face cream has a long ingredient list which is not something I particularly like. It also has added fragrance making this (probably) unsuitable for sensitive skin. And as mentioned above, I did not notice any visible difference to my skin from using this cream. I enjoyed using this cream but since it did not give any visible difference to my skin, I will not be repurchasing this cream. I am more into the Flower Moistfull cream from Etude House!

I am going to do a comparison post featuring all of the Moistfull creams I have tried from Etude House soon. Stay tuned!

Have you tried the Etude House Moistfull White cream? Which is your favorite skincare product right now?

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