Etude House I Need You, Collagen! Mask Sheet – Review

Product: Etude House I Need You, Collagen! Mask Sheet

Claim: This mask sheet contains Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) that strengthens the skin’s natural barrier for firm, youthful skin.

etude house a-z face masks

Etude House Collagen face mask

Quantity: 20 ml (0.67 fl. oz.)

Price: 950 KRW

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  • T – Tea Tree
  • U – Unpolished Rice
  • V – Vitamin Complex
  • W – White Pearl
  • X – Xylitol Forest
  • Y – Yogurt Strawberry
  • Z – Zucchini
  • <3 – Heart
  • @ – Snail

Remember I told you my skin got flaky (white dry skin was coming off when I applied BB cream with a makeup sponge) a couple of days ago? Now I am 90% sure it was because of the Etude House I Need You, Mango! masksheet (read my review).

I had not changed anything in my skincare and the only new thing I used on my face in those couple of days was the Mango masksheet. So there is good chance it did not suit me. My skin despite its flaws, is not sensitive and usually tolerates most products. So having that kind of a reaction was a shocker!

Anyway. My skin recovered in 2 days. Of course I hydrated my skin using the best facial oils I have and massaged it. I also used a peeling cream to get rid of the dead skin cells. My skin is smoother now.

So once my skin got better, I used another mask from Etude House to see if something would happen again (I’m a risk-taker). This time I used the I Need You, Collagen! masksheet and it was amazing!

I used a day before my wedding anniversary and I woke up the next day (anniversary day) with good skin (again). It was very moisturizing and a bit cooling to the skin. Since the masksheets come with added fragrance, I was anticipating more scent than I actually sensed!

Since I used this masksheet only once, I cannot comment on skin-firming properties (or making your skin youthful) but if you are looking for a moisturizing masksheet, this is definitely a good one!

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Collagen masksheets and even creams containing collagen are good fort the skin and work wonders for dry skin. I had high hopes from this masksheet but I was also a bit scared because of the reaction from the Mango masksheet. I am glad this masksheet has restored my skin and I will definitely recommend this masksheet over all the other ones I have used from Etude House!


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