Etude House I Need You, Mango! Mask Sheet – Review

Product: Etude House I Need You, Mango! Mask Sheet

Claim: This mask sheet contains Mango extract known for its variety of vitamins and fiber, helping to provide firm and healthy skin with its sweet and gently touch.

Quantity: 20 ml (0.67 fl. oz.)

etude house face masks

Etude House Mango face mask

Price: 950 KRW | Buy Online

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  • N – Noni
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  • P – Pomegranate
  • Q – Q10
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  • S – Shea Butter
  • T – Tea Tree
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  • Z – Zucchini
  • <3 – Heart
  • @ – Snail

After using The Face Shop Real Nature masks, I finally started using my Etude House I need You! masksheets that I got in the end of last year! I used the Shea Butter mask first (Read review) and a couple of days ago, I used the Mango masksheet.

Since I really loved the Mango Seed face mask by The Face Shop and I generally like Mango scented products (The Body Shop Mango Shower gel, Victoria’s Secret Mango Temptation), I really wanted to smell it. You can sense that my expectation was higher for the scent than for its actual purpose.

But sadly the mask despite having fragrance, did not smell a lot like Mango. The scent was not very noticeable either. How sad that despite being scented, it does not have the delicious Mango scent that can transport me to summer!

Now onto more important things, let’s see if it did something for my skin.

I have dry skin and anything that claims to be nourishing for the skin is my best friend. I have been extra careful with my skin since last week since I had my birthday this week but I got really dry skin in the morning. Everything was fine until I applied the mask (my skin was dry, nothing major) and my skin even felt softer immediately after removing the mask. When I was getting ready for the Valentine’s day dinner the next day, the skin on my nose and cheeks started peeling off (I was applying BB cream with a damp makeup sponge).

It had never happened to me before so I got alarmed. I am sure it was not solely because of the mask but I did get scared. I know face masks do not have dramatic effects in one night so I am letting this one instance slip. I would still caution people with dry skin using this mask. Notice if it does the same for you (and let me know). I am not ready to give this face mask a try again. I will, however, use the rest 3 that I have from the I Need you! face masksheets since I Need You, Shea butter! and I Need You, Pomegranate! worked well for me.

Rating: N/A

Recommend: N/A

Repurchase: No

Despite the fact that I do not hold this face mask responsible for my flaky skin 🙁 I am scared to try it again (not that I will). This is the first time something has had a big impact on my skin (the weather, my diet and everything else is the same). I was a little confused about how to preset my thoughts since I cannot really point my finger at this mask, and I also did not change anything else in my skincare 🙁 I hope I have been fair enough in my review and presented my concern well (which is specific to me and may not happen to anyone else). I hope you found this helpful. Stay tuned for more reviews!


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