Etude House I Need You, Noni Mask sheet REVIEW

I have not been having many good skin days recently and it is all my fault. I have sensitive skin and whenever I do any sort of facial hair removal stuff – threading, plucking, bleaching etc., my skin reacts badly. Usually it recovers soon since I do cold compress and apply ice on the red bumps but this time, I could not stop myself from scratching them 🙁 And I have so many tiny spots on my face. So anyway, I had the genius idea of applying a Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) pack on the spots to dry them quickly only to leave the pack on for too long and end up with dry itchy spots. I had to find solace in using face masks and one of them is the Etude House I Need You, Noni! Masksheet! Keep reading for the full review!

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etude house a-z mask n noni review

Etude House I Need You, Noni! masksheet REVIEW

Product: Etude House I Need You, Noni! Mask Sheet

Claim: This mask sheet contains Noni fruit extract (Morinda Citrifolia Extract) that provides vitality to dull and lifeless skin for a bright, healthy-looking complexion. [Revitalizing]

Quantity: 20 ml (0.67 fl. oz.)

Price: 950 KRW

All Etude House A-Z I Need You! Masksheets:

  • A – Aloe
  • B – Bulgarian Rose
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  • G – Green Tea
  • H – Hyaluronic Acid
  • I – Immortelle
  • J – Job’s Tears
  • K – Korean Ginseng
  • L – Lemon
  • M – Mango
  • N – Noni
  • O – Olive
  • P – Pomegranate
  • Q – Q10
  • R – Royal Jelly
  • S – Shea Butter
  • T – Tea Tree
  • U – Unpolished Rice
  • V – Vitamin Complex
  • W – White Pearl
  • X – Xylitol Forest
  • Y – Yogurt Strawberry
  • Z – Zucchini
  • <3 – Heart
  • @ – Snail

Check out my post on Etude House A-Z face masks for the details on this line of face masksheets!

I have heard great things about Noni and I was really intrigued after reading that it was one of Miranda Kerr’s beauty secret. She uses it in many products in her skincare line – Kora Organics. That was pretty much the reason I picked up this Etude House mask.

The Noni masksheet has a very runny essence and it does not smell of anything, not that I know what Noni Fruit smells like, which is okay with me as I like non-perfumed skincare products. The masksheets are so cooling for the skin so I felt super relaxed after placing it on my face. I kept it on for 20 minutes approximately and then pat the essence into my skin. There was a lot of essence in the masksheet sachet so I poured it over my hand and applied on my hands and neck.

As always, the essence felt really nourishing and my skin felt calmer and I went to sleep. The next morning, a lot of dry spots especially around my mouth area (the driest part of my face) had disappeared and the remaining spots were less itchy. So this masksheet was a total winner in my opinion. Of course, I have no idea about the long term skincare effects from Noni or masksheet but for a quick TLC for my skin, it worked really well.

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Except for the I Need You Mango masksheet, all the Etude House I Need You masksheets have worked really well for me. They contain the least amount of alcohols amongst other drugstore masksheets and are gentle to the skin, they also do not smell obnoxiously chemical-ly or sweet. With this light-weight essence, I think this masksheet can work for all skintypes!

Have you tried the Etude House I Need You Noni masksheet? Do you like using mask sheets? Which is your favorite brand for masks or masksheets? Comment below to share!

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