Etude House Oh M Eye Line (Eyeliner) – Review

I am mostly a black eyeliner and lipstick kind-a girl. If I have no time to get ready, instead of perfecting my skin with a concealer or using a foundation, I apply black eyeliner and a bright lipstick. So I am always on the lookout for new eyeliners and liquid liners are my favorite. The first makeup item I started using was black liquid liner and it is still my favorite makeup product till now. So when I noticed my super favorite L’Oreal Paris Carbon Black eyeliner running out, I bought the Etude House Oh M’Eye Line eyeliner.

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Etude House Oh M Eye Line – Oh My Black – Liquid Liner

Product: Etude House¬†Oh M’Eye Line – Oh My Black (#1)

Claim: Liquid Eyeliner that supplies vivid, long-lasting definition with subtle Pearl highlights.

Price: 4000 KRW

Quantity: 6 ml

Etude House has some of the cutest packaging ever (and I might have already said this a million times) and with a simple eyeliner bottle also they have tried to keep the shape cute. The color selection is pretty basic – Black, Brown, grey.

I chose the black shade for obvious reasons and I must admit that I did not notice any ‘Pearl Highlights’ from this eyeliner. It is a good eyeliner and is not matte but it is also not glossy or shiny. No shimmer particles whatsoever!

So here are the key points on this eyeline:

  • It is a long-lasting¬†eyeliner
  • The eyeliner is quite intense and dries off beautifully (does not turn grey-ish)
  • Does not rub off easily
  • Does not take too much time to dry off after applying.
  • Does not dry in the bottle (still going strong after 3 months of everyday use)
  • Easy to remove with any makeup remover (Cleansing water, Cleansing cream, balm anything)

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

For 4000 KRW (<4$) I think 6 ml is a good quantity and the quality is amazing too! I do not think thinking about the price and then judging the quality is even necessary because it is a good product and it’s a bonus that it is affordable. I love using it and it is the only black liquid eyeliner that comes close to L’Oreal Paris Carbon Black/Super black eyeliner. I only like L’Oreal liner a little more because of the sponge-tip applicator!


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