Etude House Pearl Natural Mask – Review

After using the Missha Pure Source Pearl sheet mask, I thought I would try out the Etude House Essential Pearl Face Sheet Mask. I received this as a sample during a SALE shopping spree. I love when I get sheet masks as freebies with my shopping rather than skincare samples. Partly because I love sheet masks – they are hassle-free, only available in Korea (not India) and very moisturizing which eliminates the need to use Night creams. I also use the leftover essence from the sheet after removing from my face on my hands and neck! So moving on to the review:

Photo of Etude House Essential Pearl Face Sheet Mask

Etude House Essential Pearl Face Sheet Mask

Product Claim: Essence Mask contains pearl extract that promotes natural skin glow. Tension fit design for improved facial adhesion and comfort.

1. Apply mask to cleansed face and leave for 20~30 minutes.
2. Remove mask and massage remaining solution into skin with hands.
Use every 2-3 days for maximum efficiency.

Active Ingredient: Hydrolyzed Pearl (1000mg)

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I cleansed my face using the Nature Republic Cleansing Cream and then after washing my face with Etude House Vitamin C Face Wash, I applied this Face Mask. I like Etude House products a lot, it is my second favorite brand in Korea after The Face Shop. This is the first face mask I tried from the Etude House; I usually go for their makeup products and they have the cutest packaging ever. The sheet mask again was not something out of the ordinary. I have come to expect higher from the Korean brands anyway.

The ‘Pearl’ extract (Hydrolysed Pearl) lists third in the ingredient line after Aqua and Glycerin which is a big plus in my opinion. However, it has fragrance listed in the ingredients so this is definitely not for people with sensitive skin or people who get allergic reactions to scents in skincare. I personally do not like chemical laden products especially for my face and neither do I like scents in skincare lines. The ingredient is not very long which gets a big thumbs up in my opinion.

Rating: 4/5
Recommend: Yes
Repurchase: Yes

I have plenty of sheet masks right now but I will definitely like to try more Essential sheet masks from Etude House. They have recently come with a A-Z line in sheet masks where they have a face mask from an active ingredient with each alphabet (Like G for Ginseng). The A-Z sheet masks cost 950KRW while the Essential sheet masks cost 1000KRW.

I am yet to try any of the “Take care of my skin Alphabet masks” but seriously if I want to try out there are 26 to choose from. Too confusing. Ha! There are also gel masks (and what not) in Etude House. Koreans have such beautiful skin (99% of them, even in teenage) that I wonder they even need so many cosmetics or is their skin good because of using these? I don’t know but it is an interesting question. My skin has been how it was when I came here, no change 🙁

So anyway I would recommend the Pearl sheet mask my Etude House to people who want to start using sheet masks or want to try out affordable Korean skincare products. I have already tried the Pearl Essential Mask sheet by The Face Shop and Pure Source Pearl sheet mask by Mishha so I plan to do a separate post on the comparison of the three. Look out for that in the future!

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