Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection 2013

Contrary to my expectations, Etude House has launched another makeup collection for 2013 (probably the last this year) after their cute “xoxo Minnie” collection. I think it was officially released in Korea on 27th November. I went to Etude House after a week and saw it only today. I am quite excited since I loved the packaging and 80% of time I end up liking their products too.

Products released in the Etude House Princess Etoinette collection 2013

Etude House Princess Etoinette collection 2013

Etude House Princess Etoinette collection 2013:

  • Princess Etoinette Blooming Perfumed hands – White Peony, Pink Rose
  • Princess Etoinette Crystal Shine lips – PBE102, PRD302, PPK005
  • Princess Etoinette All over Powder
  • Princess Etoinette EdT 30ml
  • Princess Etoinette Moon Flower Perfumed candles¬†– White Peony, Pink Rose
  • Princess Etoinette Perfumed Hair Mist 100ml
  • Princess Etoinette Mirror

I did not pick up a lot from the xoxo Minnie collection (Minnie Mouse) despite it’s cute packaging but I do plan to check out the Part 2 of the Princess Etoinette collection. I missed trying out the Part 1 of the Etude House Princess Etoinette collection released in the end of 2012 but this one seems more interesting.

Last year’s packaging was pink and rose gold (cute) but this year, it is white and silver (super elegant). And this coming from a girl who loves pink!

I do not have many Etude House lipsticks so I may try the Crystal Lips shades, I have my eye on the Fuscia one (PBE102).

I have way too many hand creams so I may skip the White Peony and Pink Rose perfumed hand creams. I may pick them up later when leaving Korea if I get them in a sale. I have plenty of small Yankee candles so I will ignore the perfumed candles too.

I did own an Oriflame Miss O perfume 3 years ago (it was a gift) and it came with a similar pump like the Princess Etoinette Edt. I loved applying it. It felt very chic. However when I first saw it, I expected it to be a glitter powder like The Body Shop “The Sparkler”. But anyway, it seems like a good deal to me 20000 KRW for 30ml.

I do not use a separate hair mist so that is also up for discussion in my mind. I am not sure about it, I am quite sure about the all-over powder though. I own the Missha Mineral foundation only so I can buy a powder (right? I mean look at the packaging!)

I am sure I will buy the lisptick from this collection, rest all seem interesting but may or may not end up in my collection for various reasons.

What are your favorite products from Etude House Princess Etoinette collection 2013? What would you like to try?