Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist REVIEW

Since I did the “My Most Used Makeup Brushes” post over here, I think it is the perfect time to review a brush cleaning product. I used to use mild shampoos but decided to test this out during a 50% off Etude House sale. I picked up the Shower Cleaner too but this is the spray type cleaner. Keep reading to find out if this works!

etude house makeup brush spot cleaner

Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist

Product: Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist

Claim: This is a mist type puff & brush cleanser that removes dirt and gently melts away makeup residue without the use of water. Useful for maintaining a clean and hygienic puff and brush.

Directions of Use:

  1. Spray sufficient amount of Puff & Brush Cleaning Mist onto puff or brush you wish to clean.
  2. Gently pat and wipe off with dry or wet tissue until no residue remains on the tissue.
  3. Leave the brush/puff to dry in a cool area.

Quantity: 50 ml (1.69 fl. oz.)

Price: $4.50

I love using makeup brushes to do my makeup; it adds a glamour quotient to the makeup in my opinion. But brushes need to be cleaned and that is why I refrain from using them until I can (can you tell I am a lazy bum?) I apply as much of my makeup as I can with my fingers 😉 Despite my laziness, I am diligent about keeping my makeup brushes clean! I employ spot-cleaning and deep cleaning techniques to keep my brushes in optimum condition.

For spot-cleaning, I have been using the Etude House Puff & Brush Cleaning mist. It comes in a translucent white plastic spray bottle. I have travelled with it and find it pretty travel-friendly. In terms of cleaning, this cleaning mist is a good shortcut to clean brushes.

In my experience, it does get off makeup from the brushes but I do some residue left behind which does not go away until I wash the brush. I also feel that there is a slight oiliness to the brush that does not go away after using this. Besides, it does not smell very nice. I get headaches if I have too many brushes for spot-cleaning.

I like deep cleaning my brushes and employ a simple method of wiping the brush on a dry tissue to take off excess product for getting more uses out of brushes in between washes.

Rating: 3/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

I have given this 3 points only because it is convenient to use and also that it cleans out a lot of the product from the brush. I will not be repurchasing this though since I have to use a lot of spray to clean a few brushes and it becomes a bit expensive. If you are diligent about spot-cleaning your brushes, this might be the product for you. I find washing brushes with shampoo therapeutic so I will stick with that.

Have you tried any Spray type makeup brush cleaners? How often do you clean your brushes?

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