Etude House Skin-Fit foundation, Super Moistfull Collagen HAUL

It was my birthday earlier this week and I got myself a gift! I love pampering myself when I can. I received a lot of gifts from my loved ones but I still wanted to get something special for myself. Since I chose all of my gifts by myself, I went for the high end brands Chanel and YSL but I shopped at Etude House for my gift by me 😉 So here are the things I bought:

etude house haul

Etude House Birthday haul

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Etude House Skincare and makeup haul:

  • Etude House Skin-Fit foundation (W13 – Natural Beige)
  • Moistfull Super Collagen Multi Stick
  • Moistfull Super Collagen Trial Kit (Ampoule Essence, Cream, CC cream)
  • Dear My Essence in Lips talk – EPK001
  • Sunshine in Spoon Blending Sleeping Cream (Blueberry)
  • Color Pop Shine Tint (mini) – P7

Gifts with purchase:

  • 2 Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Body Wash
  • 2 Hello Raspberry & Cranberry Body Lotion
  • 1 Milk Talk Choco body wash
  • Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base (#2 Berry Choux)
  • Collagen Moistfull Firming Eye Cream
  • Milky You Cleansing Foam (+ a pack of cotton pads)
super collagen moistfull

Etude House Moistfull Super Collagen Trial Kit

Etude House Released the Moistfull Super Collagen this year and I wanted to try out the skincare products. I grabbed the trial kit which was quite cheap and looked like would last me a week. I am quite excited to use this! I have heard so many good things about the Moistfull Collagen so I have high expectations for the SUPER collagen products!

etude house skin fit

Etude House Skin-fit Foundation

Another new launch by Etude House, the Skin Fit foundation was released in two shades – N02 Light Beige and W13 Natural Beige – I was curious because of the name so I got the Natural beige shade. I tried it after coming home and I think the color is too light at first and then slowly “fits” my complexion. Interesting! I will review this sometime later next month.

super moistfull collagen stick

Etude house Moistfull Super Collagen Multi Stick

Another thing from the Moistfull SUPER Collagen that caught my eye was the Multi Stick. I am all about ease of use so I think this will my go to product especially in summer. I like the effect it gives to the skin but again, I have to use it long enough to see if it will be enough as a moisturizer. And how it fits into my skincare routine.

etude house dear my essence in lips talk

Etude House Dear My Essence in Lips-talk EPK001

I already have one of the Dear My Essence in Lips Talk colors in EBE102 so I got another shade EPK001. It is a beautiful shade and I am loving this formula already. I have used the Dior Serum de Rouge and I think this is an affordable replacement of that!

etude house sleeping cream

Etude House Moonlight in Spoon – Blending Sleeping Cream in Blueberry

etude house blueberry sleeping cream

Etude House Moonlight in Spoon Sleeping Cream

My curiosity again got the best of me and I got the Moonlight in Spoon Blending Sleeping Cream (Blueberry). I have already used one of the Sunshine in Spoon Massage Oil Gel and I just got this one to see if this works better. I really want a good sleeping cream or pack.

Etude House color pop tint

Etude House Color Pop Shiny tint P7

I picked up a mini Color Pop Shine tint which I think are liquid lipsticks. These were released last year and I liked the formula but never bought a shade as I already had a lot of lip products. But this time reasoned that no harm could come from a mini liquid lipstick. Isn’t it?

etude house products

Etude House – Gifts with Purchase

I also got a bunch of freebies and I always look forward to getting them! I can ope a museum of samples now. I only use the samples of the things I have not tried and keep collecting the rest. I might giveaway the ones I have already tried but I do not know how to go about it! Something to be decided in the future. Anyway!

I am quite happy with “my gift to myself” haul and I am going to review these products in the coming weeks. Subscribe!!!

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