Etude House sleeping pack, eyeliner, mascara primer, lipliner….shopping haul

Hi everyone! I am here to day to share what I bought at Etude House the other day. I usually keep within a price range but in my quest for trying new things, I went ahead and bought a lot of things I had not tried in Korea. Etude House is, in my opinion, the girliest of the girl’s brand in Korea; they the cutest store, packaging and product concepts!

I am on the verge of running out of my dear black liner – L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer so I actually just wanted to buy a black liner and look what I came home with!

Photo of my Etude House shopping haul with makeup items, missing U lip balm, i can fly hand cream, honey was off face mask and makeup

Etude House makeup, skincare and body products shopping haul

Oh~m’Eye Line #1, (liquid eyeliner)
Oh~m’Eye Lash Petticoat #1, (lash primer)
Styling Eye Liner #02, (white pencil liner)
Soft Touch Auto Lipliner #2,
Surprise Essence Concealer #2,
I Miss U! Endangered Species Lip Balm (Grass Owl)
I Need You, Honey! Wash-off Face Massage Pack,
Missing U Hand Cream #01 Eagle Owl – Very Berry Cherry Scent,
Samples: Shea Butter nutrifull sleeping pack,  Collagen moistfull toner and emulsion set (2), Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream and Nymph Aura Volumer set (2)

The good news about this shopping haul is that I did buy what I went out to buy otherwise many times, I go with one product in mind and come back with 5 things other than the one I set out to buy!

The liquid eyeliner is a little bit thinner than L’Oreal Super liner Black Lacquer. It reminds me of Lakme eyeliner in the old days – my first ever makeup product. I like the simple yet elegant packaging of this eyeliner.

I have no concealer which is funny because I do not have perfect skin and have plenty of blemishes to hide but don’t! I hardly use foundations, BB creams are what I use on days I go out otherwise I don’t even bother. I did buy a Very Me Clickit Concealer (Oriflame) but it did nothing for me, didn’t even brighten my eyes! I have high hopes for this concealer in the brightening area (and a bit of concealing of course)!

I have straight thin sparse lashes so a lash primer might be a good investemtn for special occasions. I find the name petticoat funny for a lash primer even though it is highly appropriate. I had tried the L’oreal double extension mascara which was double sided – primer and mascara. So this would be my second time ever trying a lash primer. Fingers crossed!

Photo of swatches from my Etude House shopping haul

Etude House makeup swatches (left to right) – O my Eyeliner, oh my eye white pencil liner, auto lip liner, essence concealer

And I do not like the Lumene white liner so I decided to pick up a white pencil liner from Etud House as well. And Lipliner was a total impulse buy (As if I would die without the other products, haha!)

How cute is that Owl hand cream? I loved the packaging, the idea and the consistency of the hand cream. I do not know buying this hand cream is directly impacting the life of these endangered species, I really hope money from the sales of these hand creams goes into restoring the life of eagle owls!

The Lip Balm – Missing U (or I Miss U) Endangered species lip balm – is a perfect dupe for EOS lip balms so popular in the States. They are mildly scented and available in many flavours. I used it after coming home and since I have not tried EOS lip balm (only sen it on YouTube) I think they are moisturizing but not very slick and creamy. And the sphere shape is big enough to run around the lips in one swoop and be done. My lip balm represents the Eagle Owl (Very Berry Cherry scent just like the hand cream)!

I have always believed that honey is good for skin. Everyone says that so when I saw the wash-off massage face mask, I thought I might as well buy it. There are a million kinds of sheet masks in Korea so I thought I would try out a wash-off massage pack and compare the difference. I was also curious to see what role ginseng and red ginseng play in this face mask. I got plenty of samples since there was no SALE and I spent more than 30000 KRW. I am excited to use the Shea Butter sleeping pack. I will be reviewing these products soon. Stay tuned!

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