Etude House “Sweet Idea” Bunny Nail Launch (Details)

Etude House has recently launched a new range of nail color set named Sweet Idea Bunny nail or simply Bunny Nail. The concept is fun and the packaging is super cute. I saw them last week along with a few more new products. I will share the details on other new products soon but today, let’s focus on the Bunny Nails!


etude house

Etude House Bunny Nails (4 – Red Carrot Bunny)

Currently they have launched 5 sets and they are:

  1. Dalmatian Bunny
  2. Analogue Bunny
  3. Pink Milky Way Bunny (
  4. Red Carrot Bunny (Cherry Red, Shimmering Gold French)
  5. Mint Golden Moon Bunny
etude house

Etude House Bunny Nail – All sets

Quantity: 0.14 fl. oz. *2 /4ml *2

Price: 4500 KRW (~ 4.5$)

Here are the nail art ideas from the Etude House website:

etude house bunny nail art idea

Etude House Bunny Nails

Directions of use (from #1 Dalmatian Bunny):

  1. Thoroughly apply desired color on nail after base coat.
  2. Apply “White French” color with thin brush for delicate nail art such as dots and French Nails.
  3. Apply “Black Bunny Glitter” color to create various kinds of bunny nail art.
  4. Shine lasts longer if finished off by applying transparent top coat.

I bought the #1 Dalmatian Bunny Nail duo because I thought that I can create french nails (using the right ear of the bunny – White French) even if I do not use up the bunny nail accents in the left ear (bottle). I like how they have kept the nail art “chunks” different in each set. I have enough of nail paints and nail art supplies already so I do not need them (I am tempted to, though) but for a nail art lover and a novice, each color set provides something different. In the case of Bunny nails, I think it is more about the packaging. And I give full points for that! Plus there is not need of nail art tools to create these designs. The applicators are sufficient to do the job.

The Bunny nail sets are not a must-have (no makeup ever is) but it is fun and if you can spare 4.5$, I’d say go for it. You can create multiple nail art designs using these two bunny ears (hehe). I created a simple nail art design using the White french as my base color and then placing the black bunny nail art somewhat in an order, see it here.

What do you think of Bunny Nails? Would you be trying them?


  1. Elina says:

    They have testers for nail polishes? Oh lord, that’s awesome! 😀 I think the collection is really cute. I won’t bet any of those nail polishes, though, because I’m not a nail polish person at all.
    Thank you for sharing these!

    • Ritu says:

      Isn’t it cool? I like to try out nail paints before buying to see if they look good on my nails! I was also not a nail person until 2013 🙂

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