Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base – All Shades and Swatches

Etude House released a full range of Sweet Recipe makeup line last spring and it has been really popular from the day it hit the market. The cute packaging, innovative concept, quality products and affordable price made it my favorite makeup range from Etude House. One of the things that was really well-received from this line was their Baby Choux base. Many people complained about the glass jar packaging so Etude House launched these again a few months later in a travel-friendly more hygienic squeeze tube form! I got a lot of these as samples and have used them on and off (not reviewed though) but I did not buy any since I was not too much into primers. I also recently came to know that Etude House is launching a cushion version of these soon so I plan to try that out first. So anyway, I still thought of doing swatches so that you can see how pigmented they are and how they will serve their purpose!

Etude House baby choux

Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux base – Mint Choux, Berry Choux, Peach Choux

The Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux base cost 11000 KRW and there come in 3 shades:

#01 Mint Choux

#02 Berry Choux

#03 Peach Choux

Each one serves a different purpose. Green is opposite of red on the color wheel so Mint Choux helps in combating redness in the skin! Berry Choux (which is more like baby pink shade) helps add a little bit of color to pale skintones while Peach Choux helps add brightness to the skin.

Straight out of the tube:

baby choux makeup base

When buffed out:

sweet recipe baby choux base

I am quite interested in #03 Peach Choux because I am really into brightening products and highlighters! What would you like to try?

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