Exploring Korean Brands – Etude House Highlighter, Bronzer and Perfume haul!

Heleow eveyone! I am back with a shopping haul. Things slowed down a little over a week ago because of the laptop OS and hard disk crash but all is well. My laptop has started behaving better, I am still getting used to Windows 7 after using Windows 8 for 7 months. I have transferred some date back into my laptop but a lot of it need to be organized and copied! Due to rain, I haven’t gone out much in the past few days but I decided to treat myself for being good (and positive despite the circumstances) with a small trip to emart, Jukjeon.

I had planned to try out a new brand and was eyeing products available at Aritaum store but the items were relatively pricey so I stuck to Etude House. This month has been about lip products for the most part (and laptop whining) so I went for something different, something I do not buy frequently anymore – bronzer, highlighter and perfume.

Photo collage of my shopping haul from Etude House - Secret beam highlighter, Hello Kitty tender powder solid perfume, Corset bronzer, cotton pads

Etude house Shopping Haul – Highlighter, Bronzer and Solid perfume

Shopping Haul:
Hello Kitty Tender powder solid perfume – Cake fragrance
Secret Beam highlighter
Face Color Corset – Tight Shading Corset #5 (Bronzer)
Cotton pads

The swatch of the bronzer does not show up a lot on my hand but that is because my hand is quite tanned at the moment in comparison to my face (thank you Jeju holiday)!

If you have been reading this blog for sometime, you are aware of my Hello Kitty obsession. I bought this solid perfume just because of Kitty White! And I didn’t even bother trying it out before buying. I saw the fragrance name – Cake fragrance – after I came home. it is very sweet powdery smell and lasts for 4-5 hours on me. Even though I do not smell like baked goods, I think it makes me smell of baby powder. I like it when used in conjunction with my CK in2u summer perfume. I was not really running out of cotton pads but still bought them!

I liked the Secret Beam highlighter and it gives a very beautiful pearl-y golden highlight. It looks better on top of the cheekbones than anywhere else but since I only have Chanel Eclat, i thought I would buy a powder highlighter as well. I had been lusting after Dior Amber Diamond and Amber Rose highlighters for 3 years and yet never bought them. I would have loved to buy Amber Diamond but I think it has been discontinued, I don;t see it at the Dior counters anymore. But not to worry, I got this highlighter at a fraction of that price!

Korean people use a lot of shimmer makeup products. I see a lot of glitter-y/shimmer-y/ pearl finish eyeshadows. I think it has a lot to do with the eye-widening effect. But I also find it difficult to find a bronzer in Korea. Many are not matte shades and hence not suitable for contouring which I need or are very light that they will do nothing for my skintone! I jumped when i finally saw something a bit suitable for wheat-ish complexion and that too matte! The packaging is basic and the shade does help me contour my cheeks lightly. It looks very natural so I love it already even though today is the second day I’ve used it.

This might be best attempt at trying out new things and not over-stuffing my eye and lips collection. I hope to be less lazy in doing makeup and use this highlighter and bronzer combo to perfect my look! This highlighter reminds me of a US-based company’s makeup – I think Physician’s formula or something.

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