The Face Shop Artist Touch lipsticks, lipliners and hair brush haul

I recently hauled from The Face Shop and a day later, I saw 50% off SALE. And the products that I got last week were on SALE today 🙁 I hate that. Why didn’t I wait for the sale. I could have tried more products and saved some bucks. So anyway. I took advantage of the sale and bought a few more things to try out.

the face shop makeup products

The Face Shop makeup haul

The Face Shop makeup and beauty shopping haul:

  • The Face Shop Hair & Bath Tools – Hair brush
  • The Face Shop Artist Touch lipstick
  • The Face Shop Artist Touch lipstick
  • The Face Shop lipliner
  • The Face Shop lipliner refill
face shop makeup

The Face Shop swatches

I did not see The Artist Touch lipsticks last time so maybe they are new (or I just didn’t notice) but these lipsticks appear creamier and seem to have a wider shade selection. I picked up two shades that I thought I did not already have. I hope these will look good on me because I never try TESTERS on my lips in the store, I swatch them on my hand and if I like it, I say a prayer and put it in my shopping cart!

There is a long story behind the lipliners. I do not have many (if you read my January 2013 makeup collection post, you know). I thought of buying all the shades (since it’s 50% off). Everything was written in Korean so when I saw little lipliners at less than a buck and the longer ones costing 2 bucks, I got a short one and a long one since one was only available in the long form. When I came home and saw everything, I realized I bought a lipliner refill. I am such a fool, of course it was a refill! So anyway, I have no idea how I am going to use it.

Of course I do not have a hair brush so I got it in SALE (the highlight of the haul). I hate paddle brushes so this might be a good one for my shoulder length hair! I could have gotten a lot more but since the SALE is on for a few more days, I think I will buy a few things when I come out next time. I love buying few things at regular intervals than lots of things in one go. I think that can be a middle-class mentality kind-a thing but I am not ashamed of it. This is how it suits me! I can’t believe I bought a lipliner refill thinking it was a smaller size and cheaper 🙁 It will go waste I know. If I hadn’t broken it after opening it, I could have returned it 🙁 Anyway.

What did you buy? How often do you like to go out shopping?

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