The Face Shop Face it Quick Sponge Nail Remover – Review

I am a new nail addict. I have been into painting my nails more than ever and as interesting as I find nail art, I hate removing nail paint. No matter how good or expensive a nail polish remover is, it always stings my senses plus dries out my cuticles and nails. I try to take breaks in between manicures (that I do at home by myself) but recently I found a new “gadget” that makes removing nail paint a walk in the park! So here are my thoughts on The Face Shop Quick Sponge nail remover!

the face shop nail polish remover

The Face Shop Face it Quick Sponge Nail Remover


Product: The Face Shop Face it Quick Sponge Nail Remover

Product Claim: Quick and gentle instant nail polish remover for fast and effective polish removal in one step, insert finger into sponge and twist.

Quantity: 100 ml

The Face Shop English website:

How to Use Sponge Nail Polish Remover: Insert finger into the center of the sponge (which is soaked in nail remover) and rotate the finger so that the sponge rubs against it, hence resulting in removal of the nail polish!

My experience: The packaging is quite simple, fuss-free and sturdy (because packaginging is the most important aspect of a product review haha). There is a lot of product in the tiny bottle and that makes it not as travel-friendly as I prefer. I would like Nail Remover pads for that. But this one works well for use at home.

The sponge is quite soft on the inside and there is a hole in it to insert the finger and rotate it to remove the nail paint. I think this sort of nail paint removal is really easy but it also tends to apply the nail paint remover to the part of the finger inside the tub. And we never apply it while removing nail polish using the cotton pads. Anyway, this is just a point to keep in mind.

I like how quickly this takes off nail paints especially glitter. For chunky nail paints, then color fades butt the chunky particles usually remain which need to be scratched off. One of the drawbacks are it cannot be used on toes (duh?) so you need another nail paint remove for that. And it dries out the cuticle and the area around the nail plus does not always remove the nail art stones and stuff. Another drawback might be that it does not clean the corners unless you specifically target those areas.

Rating – 4/5

Recommend – Yes

Repurchase – Yes

I liked using this Quick Sponge nail removers and may repurchase this since it is so easy to use but I wanted to give a balanced review and mention every aspect of using it. I have not seen too many brands have this Sponge remover, in fact The Face Shop is the only one that I seen carrying this amongst Korean brands. I love their nail products!

Have your tried The Face Shop products? Which is your favorite product from their line?

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