The Face Shop Mango, Chia Seed face masks and Gel Liner

I love The Face Shop nail paints so when I saw the 50% off board on most of the products in the Face Shop, I decided to check out the nail paints. I feel like The Face Shop is discontinuing their Wide Nails or Gel touch nails nail paints because there were no testers or more than a couple of each nail polish there but the Face it nail paints had some new shades. And I checked out plenty of them before settling in on the nude nail paint.

the face shop makeup

The Face Shop – Sheet masks, pencil gel liner, nail paint

I have also loved the Make Me A star waterproof eye pencil from The Face Shop. I have it in teal, aubergine and white so I bought it in the last available color Blue. These are quite bright and look very good even in the waterline. These do not smudge if I set them with a powder shadow. These are very creamy and glide on smoothly as eyeliner on the top lid. I have also used these as base for smokey eye looks. And they work well.

Of course I have been going crazy with face masks so I got the Mango Seed and Chia seed face masks. I have tried all of The Face Shop pure nature face masks so these are the only ones left. I expect them to be good too at least good enough to compete with the rest from the Face Shop.

I also bought the nail sharpener for the Make Me A Star eye pencil because I sort of had a pencil sharpening disaster with my Too faced pencil sharpener. Actually I just overlooked the jumbo sized Too faced sharpener against the sleek The Face Shop Make Me A Star eyelpencil. I lost 2/3rd of my purple eyepencil to that disaster 🙁

So anyway. When I had bought the Make Me A Star waterproof gel liner pencil for the first time, I expected it to be a auto liner pencil. I hate sharpeneing things. It gets messy. But I loved the colors and textures of these so much that I overlooked my preference and got 3 more (this is the latest one!) and there are no more interesting colors left in this line now (mission accomplished?)!

Since I am posting this haul a few days late (I bought on 3rd December), I have already used the gel liner and the eyelashes. The eyelashes are good and stayed on my lashes very nicely for 8 hours. I didn’t like the glue that came with the lashes though! And the Make Me A Star pencil is good and deserves a separate review post. But it is worth every penny I spent. I plan to use the nail paint soon so NOTD post may be coming up next!

Have you tried The Face Shop products? Which is your favorite brands for colored liners?


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