The Face Shop and Nature Republic Skincare haul

I ran out of my Art of Living Foot cream yesterday and went out to buy a Foot cream. I went to The Face Shop store and bought a few things in addition to the foot cream.

the face shop and nature republic

New skincare shopping haul

The Face Shop and Nature Republic skincare haul:

  1. Nature Republic Foot & Nature Moisture Foot Cream
  2. The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector
  3. The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Blackhead nose pack
  4. The Face Shop Clean Nose Deep Cleansing Pore Brush

I get blackheads on my nose and I usually clean it using a warm towel but I wanted to find a different way to get rid of them. I was a bit afraid of using the Nose strips (have never used one) so I got The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack a few months ago. I seem to have misplaced it. So I got another one!

It looks light blue-ish gray in color and has a very thick consistency. It is easy to apply and remove. A clean nose is the proof of how well it works. I will use it a few more times before officially writing a review but so far so good!

I also got the Clean Nose Deep Cleansing Pore Brush to do a thorough face cleansing session. I do not know how often I am supposed to use this but I think I will probably keep it at once a week.

I also got a Spot corrector as I have been breaking out a little (on the center of my right cheek) every month a week or so before my you-know-what. I have never had a problem with acne so I don’t know why this is happening to me in my late 20s! It gets itchy and I cannot stop myself from scratching it so it leaves a little mark behind 🙁 I got this spot corrector to help soothe and dry out the little pimple before it gets big and I scratch it. We’ll see how this goes. The Face Shop Spot corrector contains Tea Tree oil so I am sure it will help soothe and clear out my skin as well.

This is the only time I bought all of the things that I need at the moment and will be using immediately. A lot of times, I buy things on Sales and they are not always used on time or at least immediately. I wish I get this mature on most days and not come home with things I don’t need!

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