The Face Shop Rich Hand Special Care Hand Mask – Review

My hands have been a little bit dry especially since I have “forgotten” to moisturize my hands so often at night these days and also during the day. I have so many hand creams and yet this whole week I have been too lazy to apply a hand cream or do something about my hands. I even put off wearing gloves while doing the dishes. So anyway. To get things back in place, I did a deep-moisture manicure today, which basically means I slathered my hands with a lot of massage cream. But I was more excited to see if The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special Care Hand mask is effective in getting my hands soft again after a week of neglect. Read more to find out!

hand mask by the face shop

The Face Shop Special Care Hand Mask


Product: The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special Care Hand Mask

Product Claim: A pair of easy-to-use hand masks which delivers deep moisture and softness to dry and rough hands.


  1. Wash hands and pat them with a towel.
  2. Split the gloves along perforated lines and put the hands into the gloves coated with nourishing lotion.
  3. Massage your hands to help the lotion absorb better.
  4. Remove the gloves after 15-20 minutes and let the residue absorb into the skin.
hand mask essence gloves

The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special care Hand Mask Gloves

The Face Shop Rich Hand Special care hand masks are pretty much like sheet masks. They are plastic gloves filled with essence. I bought these just to see if these worked any better than applying a moisturizing hand cream and wearing cotton gloves. And the results I got say that it is slightly more effective!

The gloves come in this extra large size. I have really tiny hands and the gloves are too big for me (As you can see in the pic above). The tips of my fingers did not get as moisturized because of this size difference. I am sure the results will vary for people with longer fingers.

I do think these are a bit pricey since they cost 2500 KRW per pair of gloves and they are non-reusable but they can be great for special occasions and travel. Whenever I travel, I always forget to reapply my hand cream during the day. This can help makeup for my laziness!

I expected these to be reusable since these are not cotton sheets like the face masks. And another thing is that they do contain alcohol. So it is a matter of preference.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I do not think these are must haves by any means but if you have really dry hands maybe you can use these daily for a week and then keep a hand care routine. Or maybe use these for special occasions.

Have you tried any Hand Masks? What do you think about these The Face Shop Rich Hand V Special Care hand masks?

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