The Face Shop sheet masks, hand creams, eyebrow kit haul!

It is time for some haul! Sales are running in full swing this month an will continue until the mid of February. It is Korean Grand Sale baby! And even though The Face Shop is not participating in this sale, they were running their own sale for a few days until 29th which I decided to use to my advantage!

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The Face Shop shopping haul

The Face Shop makeup and beauty haul:

  • The Face Shop Real Nature Aloe mask
  • The Face Shop Real Nature Cucumber mask
  • The Face Shop Real Nature Pomegranate mask
  • The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Blueberry hand cream
  • The Face Shop Mini-Pet Fruits hand cream
  • The Face Shop Face it Lemon Brightening Nail Pack
  • The Face Shop Face it Paraffin Nutriftion Nail Pack
  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Massage Cream
  • The Face Shop Face it Designing Cake Eyebrow kit

I have gotten almost all of the real nature masks from The Face Shop except 4 so I decided to buy them at 20% off. I got The Face Shop real nature Pomegranate, Aloe and Cucumber Real Nature mask sheets. The only ones left seem to be the Raspberry and Olive one (may be Pumpkin too but I have never seen it in the stores).

fac shop skin care products

The Face Shop Real Nature Masks – Aloe, Pomegranate, Cucumber and Nail Packs – Lemon Brightening. Paraffin Nutrition

Another thing I wanted to do comprehensively was to use and review their nail packs. I have already used and reviewed their Milk Calcium nail pack so I got the rest of two in the store – Lemon Brightening Nail pack and Paraffin Nutrition nail pack. Another collection in my kitty and I am ready to review. I will post the review soon for these too!

the face shop haul post

The Face Shop Rice Water Massage Cream, Mini Pet Fruits and Fruit Bowl Blueberry hand cream, Eyebrow kit

Another collection I wanted to complete was my hand cream collection from The Face Shop. I consume hand creams as much as a person should consume fruits on a daily basis! I can only dream how good my health might have been had I been as dedicated to eating healthy. SO anyway! I got the last pieces left to be added to my hand cream collection – Blueberry hand cream in the fruit bowl hand cream collection and Mini-pet Fruits hand cream in the Mini-Pet hand cream collection. I am planning to review them all soon so stay tuned for that!

My skin has been a bit better after I started using It’s Skin SKINCELL serum everyday but for extra conditioning, I thought of trying The Face Shop’s Rice Water Bright Massage Cream. I do not think it is for everyday use and I do no intend to use it daily but it will be good when I do my facial for my birthday and then wedding anniversary. Just face masks do not cut it, I need to scrub, then massage a heavy cream on my face and follow it up with a face mask (Indian style facial!)

And since it was 50% off, I also bought their Face it Designing Cake Eyebrow kit. I do not touch my eyebrows daily but lately I have been noticing how good they look with a little bit of effort so I thought it would be nice to ‘cake’ on some eyebrow wax and powder to fill and set them!

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