The Face Shop Skin care products suitable for Oily skin + Reviews

The Face Shop Jeju Facial Mist, Shiffon Body Creams, Hair Spray and more

I have been blogging for almost a year now and I have only covered everything with the point of view of a person from dry skin. I wanted to add another dimension to the blog so I decided to rope in my friend, a beauty addict like me, who has oily skin. She was willing to share her beauty collection with me and her thoughts about each of those products. I went to her home one afternoon and took the pictures. I am writing this series on behalf of her (since she does not want to be directly featured on the blog). So here let’s get started with her The Face Shop skin care and beauty collection.

Disclaimer: There a few specific skin care things she uses but these are the face and body products that she has tried from the Korean beauty brands. I am familiar with many of these but I am covering mini-reviews of these from her perspective and tell you if it suits her (oily skin) or me (dry skin) in case I have also used it!

face shop skincare

The Face Shop skin care and body products

The Face Shop face and body products:

  1. Clean Face Mild lotion
  2. Stylist Hair spray
  3. Pure Water Facial Mist – Jeju Marine
  4. Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon Cream
  5. Green Grape Hand & Body Shiffon Cream
  6. Secret Blossom Smoothing Touch Body Lotion
  7. Honey Suckle Smoothing Touch Body Lotion
  8. Lemon Hand Cream

I have only tried gotten the Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon cream out of all of these.

The Face Shop Clean Face Mild Lotion

Key features: Contains tea tree oil, quick clear complex

Product Claim: This new and improved quick clear complex treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively.

The Clean Face Mild lotion is really good and has worked well in summer without making skin oily and greasy or causing acne.

Rating – 3.5/5

I really liked the packaging and it is not very expensive either. If you have oily skin, you can check this out for summer time.

The Face Shop Stylist Hair Spray

Key Features: Mildly Scented hair styling medium hold spray.

Product Claim: Become your own hair maestro. The Face Shop’s stylist hair care line gives you greater freedom through control for that unique look to satisfy your individual needs.

The Stylist Hair Spray is pretty inexpensive and good quality. It is not a strong hold spray, but it does not clump up the hair. And it smells great too!

Rating – 3/5

I am tempted to try this out too. My friend has gorgeous hair and a relatively oil scalp while I have dry scalp and dry hair. I am not sure how this will work on me!

The Face Shop Pure Water Facial Mist – Jeju Marine

Key features: Jeju Samdasoo water and Jeju gulfweed extract

Product Claim: A mist made from fresh water in Jeju Islands keeps the skin fresh and moist

Directions: Spray 20 cm away from face whenever your skin feels dull during the day.

Jeju Pure Water Facial Mist worked really well during summer to keep skin looking dewy and moisturized despite using only sunscreen sans moisturizers. This is also very refreshing to use. A sort of pick me up for the skin!

Rating – 4/5

I do not use facial mists as they contain alcohol which can be drying to the skin and since I have dry skin, a few areas of my skin get itchy! This mist sounds good for people who hav oily skin or like to use face mists.

The Face Shop Strawberry and Grape Hand & Body Shiffon Cream

The Strawberry and green grape Shiffon body creams work really well to keep the skin hydrated after bath. Body lotions and milks work well in the summer while body creams are really good in autumn and winter

Rating – 3/5

I have the Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon cream but I am yet to use it. I like using body butters and creams all through year. Even in summers, I can get dry skin. I will do a thorough review of this cream when I use it!

The Face Shop Secret Blossoms and Honey Suckle Smoothing Touch Body Lotion

The Secret Blossoms and Honey Suckle Smoothing Touch Body Lotion  work well during summer for oily and normal skintypes.

The Secret Blossoms body lotion smells like Cherry Blossoms while the Honey Suckle has a distinct smell which is not exactly Honey Suckle. These are good to use in summer.

Pretty average drugstore body lotion like Nivea and Vaseline in how they perform.

Rating – 2.5/5

These body lotions look like hand washes and I am not a big fan of this packaging. I did like the smell of the Secret Blossoms Body lotion while Honey Suckle failed to impress me much. I am not a huge fan of skin care and body products containing mineral oils but both of these contain it, in fact Mineral oil features uncomfortable high on the ingredient list.

The Face Shop Lemon Hand Cream

Key features: Prominent Citrus scent, cute packaging

Out of all of these things, my friends is a fan of the lemon hand cream partly because of the packaging and the refreshing lemon scent. Of course the hand cream works well too!

I have smelled this and I must say it can wake up your senses once your smell it. It reminds of the Dolce & Ganbbana Light Blue Edt. I think I would love to use it in summer.

Rating – 4.5/5


Check out The Face Shop website (English)

All of these fall in the price range of average drugstore products. The Face Shop has some good body and skin care products just look for what will suit your skintype. The Face Shop products are hit-and-miss for both of us just like any other brand. My friends likes their skin care products more than their makeup products. While I have not used many body products from The Face Shop, I do love their face masks and Make Me A Star waterproof gel liner pencils.

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