The Face Shop Strawberry Hand and Body Shiffon Cream – Review

Hello everyone! I am here to review The Face Shop Strawberry Hand and body Shiffon cream today! I got it ages ago. (See the haul post). I ran out of it yesterday and decided to review it finally. I got it as a replacement for the Oriflame Lavender & Fig Body cream (yet to review, Oops). And I used it up before I could finish up the Oriflame one. Read on to know what I think of it!

the face shop body cream

The Face Shop Strawberry Hand & Body Shiffon Cream



Product: The Face Shop Hand and Body Shiffon Cream – Strawberry


Claim: A hand and body cream which brings a feeling of chiffon with a scent of Strawberry!

The Face Shop Shiffon Hand & Body creams come in three fruity flavours:

  •  Strawberry
  • Green Grape
  • Gold Kiwi

And the cream smell exactly like the fruits! (not exactly but a little sweetened version of them, in a good way).

I liked the Strawberry scent the most so I got it and also because it reminded me of my first ever “high-end” cream – The Lakmé Strawberry Silk cream. It was the first thing I bought for myself  from my pocket money when I was in high school. I stopped using it longback but the scent is still my favorite even though I am not a huge fan of the cream anymore (if it is even still sold). Anyway!!!

This cream is supposed to make the skin feel like chiffon which I am not sure I agree or disagree with. It is a good body cream and I like using it as hand cream (keeping it at my bedside table) but it is as moisturizing as any body cream from drugstore brands. And I do not notice any brightening of my skin.

Like most The Face Shop products, this cream contains parabens (in case you wanted to know, since I do count it as a negative point). These are also scented (strawberry in this case) as expected and I am not too offended by that, first because it is not an obnoxious chemical scent and second because when you buy a hand cream that gives a particular flavor, unless it is really expensive (and from a brand that uses plant extracts heavily), it usually comes with a scent of that key ingredient with a bit of the extract!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

I am not sure if I will try out this one or the other two creams because there are plenty of other products out there to be tried and tested! I have had it for this time. I gave it a 3.5 since it is moisturizing (average), smells nice and works well as a body cream, comes in a good size and is easy to travel with!

Have you tried The Face Shop body products?


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