FairyDrops the Platinum Film TypeMascara – Review!

FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara Review

*Update: I had wrongly posted the name as FairyDrops the Platinum Waterproof mascara. This is actually the FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type mascara (gold packaging). I will be reviewing the waterproof mascara soon (metallic pink packaging)

I was in South Korea when I came across this brand called FairyDrops. The brand name and the packaging enticed me. I researched a bit and found that this is a Japanese brand who do mascara as of now and their mascara have a cult following. I am trying two of their famous mascaras – FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara and FairyDrops the Platinum Waterproof Mascara. I have used the Platinum Film Type Mascara more these past few days so I am going to review that first!

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FairyDrops Platinum the Film Type Mascara Review

FairyDrops Platinum Film Type Mascara

Product: FairyDrops the Platinum Waterproof Mascara

Claim: Inspired by the desire to enhance her eyes both on and off camera, a Japanese TV personality created FAIRYDROPS, a mascara that features a unique ‘bobble’ wand and luxurious formula that work together to create dramatic, lash-lengthening doll-like effects. FairyDrops’ conditioning ingredients, colorful packaging, and unique, patented wand create a lifting, curling and volumizing effect whilst ensuring every lash is coated with glossy black pigment!

Price: $ 18.50 | Buy Online

FairyDrops the Platinum Mascara

FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara

fairy drops platinum mascara review

FairyDrops Platinum Mascara – Film Type and Waterproof!

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FairyDrops Film Type Long & Curl Platinum Mascara comes in a gold tube with black accents. It has one of the eye catching mascara packaging! The mascara wand has a peculiar shape with 3 bobbles placed adjacent to each other in ascending size order with the biggest bobble on the outside. The mascara has a thick formula with tiny fibres to add length to the lashes.

I give a 10/10 for packaging to this FairyDrops mascara. I do however, sometimes question the bobble wand. I feel like curved wands with similar sized bristles give the best lengthening effect. The bobble wand is actually supposed to catch the ends of the lashes (see photo of the cardboard packaging of this mascara above) and then add length to it.

FairyDrops Long & Curl Platinum Mascara - Film Type review

FairyDrops Long & Curl Platinum Mascara – Film Type


FairyDrops Long & Curl Platinum Mascara – Film Type

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I have straight, sparse lashes so I always prefer mascara that can give me the best of both worlds like the Etude House 3-step Volumecara but I usually go for lengthening mascaras. This one has tiny fibers which adhere well to the lashes to help build a little volume at the base but add a lot of length to the ends.

This mascara keeps my lashes curved all day long! It is smudge-proof mascara but this version is not water-proof. It is easy to remove with any good makeup remover. It is not as stubborn as many other drugstore mascaras I use often so I love it!

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EOTD featuring FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara

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FOTD featuring FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara


Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

FTC: May contain affiliate links. Product bought by Ritu KT for review purposes.

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Buy FairyDrops Mascara from Amazon

Overall I am a huge fan of the FairyDrops the Platinum Film Type Mascara. I love its lengthening effect and also its smudge-proof formula that stays all day long. It also maintains the curl well. The availability is an issue for us in India but it is accessible through Amazon. I love Japanese brands and I think they do some of the best mascaras. I am now going to open up my FairyDrops the Platinum Waterproof mascara (pink tube) and will review that soon on the blog too!

Have you tried the FairyDrops the Platinum Mascara? Which is your favorite mascara of all time? Comment below!


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