Father’s Day Gift Idea – Part One

Father’s Day is coming close (16th May 2013) and I thought it would be nice to suggest a few gifts for the leading men of our lives. My father has entered his seventies so these are not directly applicable to him, I wish I was born earlier, like at my sister’s age and gifted him something like this. He could have accepted these things when he was working.

To my dismay, he now considers himself too old for such fancy gifts but I can’t blame him, he was always a simple man!

Anyhow. If my father was anything like me, I’m sure he would have appreciated the things I’m going to mention here. I personally love receiving and giving perfumes so I’m listing a few of my favorites (for men):

1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million By Paco Rabanne For Men Edt

I love the packaging and smell of this product. It lasts a long time than many other Edt-s.

2. *Oriflame Giordani Man perfume

I gifted it to my husband last year on our anniversary. He is very picky but he ended up loving it. Of course I had ordered it blindly but my gamble paid off. You can find the scent description in the link given above but all I can say is that it a very sophisticated, muted and long-lasting scent. The packaging is as good as the fragrance. You don’t even need to wrap it up!

*Oriflame products need to be ordered through Oriflame consultants. It works similar to Amway, Marykay and Avon.

3. Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor

I think it makes a perfect gift for daddys. My dad has always done it the old school way, I think he’ll appreciate the device for what it does!

I hope you found this helpful. So what are you gifting you dear daddy this father’s day? As mentioned above, my dad would be a little annoyed with me for gifting him anything expensive so I need to figure out something he’ll happily accept!

* SomeĀ links are affiliate links

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