My Favorite Golden Globes Awards 2014 Looks!

I love following fashion on the red carpet. It is so nice to see everyone (well, almost everyone) trying to look their best each year. I never like to criticize anyone openly (I may have an opinion in my mind) but it is never bad to discuss and praise the good. I have a very classic style, I love wearing basics and sometimes adding color to my outfits while still trying to be put together. Even before the time I gained weight, I used to wear simple and elegant clothes (sans the Faux Pas that happen when we are finding our identity). So my choices from the Golden Globes (I feel) reflect upon my personal preferences. So now that I have my “mini” introduction and disclaimer out, let’s dig into the red carpet looks at the Golden Globes 2014! Here are my 5 favorite golden globe dresses:

Golden Globes best red carpet looks

Mila Kunis and Zooey Deschanel looked ravishing!

(1. and 2.) I loved Mila Kunis sleek hair with this sparkly and muted grey dress. Drooling over Zooey Deschanel’s Oscar De La Renta dress. Her lip color looks super. And just look at her shoes!!!

favorite golden globe fashion

Kate Beckinsale, Taylor Schilling and Sarah Hyland!

3. Kate Beckinsale wore this amazing fishtail gown that complements her shape. And love her hair! This is the type of gown I know I will never be able to pull off even if I lose weight. It is so stunning and bold!

4. I also like Taylor Schilling’s Green gown and it looks really good synched at the waist. I like the lace detail on the chest area too.

5. I would have loved Sarah Hyland’s look even more if those bold brows had not been well, so bold. I like the braided updo but not too much. This is the only type of gown I can ever imagine wearing in my lifetime (and that is probably why this is in my top 5)!

I also liked Emma Watson, Sandra Bullock and Amber Heard’s looks from the red carpet. What were your favorite looks from this year’s Golden Globe Awards?

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