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Etude House Eyelash Curler

Etude House Eyelash Curler

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Eye makeup is my favorite and even if I have a dearth of time to get ready, I make sure there is something to highlight my eyes. Even for the bare minimum it is a bold winged liner, colorful eyeliner or dramatic lashes! And for my tiny, sparse, straight lashes no mascara can do its magic without some curling action done by an eyelash curler. I used The Body Shop eyelash curler for many years before I came across the Etude House Silicon type eyelash curler.

It has a perfect curved shape to fit all of my lashes in one go. The silicon at the rim of the curler makes the curling action gentle to the lashes. And in just one press, my lashes curl well and are ready for mascara.

Since this eye lash curler has finger hold similar to a pair of scissors, they are easy to hold and do not slip from the hand (something that happened with my The Body Shop eyelash curler once).

I think the eyelash curlers from Asian brands work better than other international brands since our eyes are a bit different in shape. This eyelash curler has changed my life and my eyelashes look great even with mediocre mascaras!

best eyelash curler etude house

I highly recommend the Etude House eyelash curlers to everyone! Etude House have discontinued the particular model I own but they have launched 3 new ones which perform in a similar way! Check out their international shopping website – etudehouse.com!

*Bought by RituKT for review purposes.

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