French Tips on Round Nails?

I have heard a lot of people say that French tips are only for Square nails etc etc. I just can’t get my nails grow long enough and stay strong enough to have square nails so I did what I do best – break the rules.

Photo of my nails of the day - french round tips

My NOTD – clean, simple and sophisticated French nails

PS – I totally moved the watch close to my wrist to show it off 😉 Like it?

French nails is my favorite type of manicure. I mean it looks so clean, sophisticated and classic – totally my style. I did like the red tips and other colored tips as well but not as much as white nails. I think it also makes the nails look healthy and clean. That is also the reason I detested the black french tips. They looked tacky. I do not hold it against the people who like it but it is just not for me. What do you think?

Do you always follow the rules? I hate to follow rules. I do whatever makes sense to me. I do not always tone my skin either, in fact I never do it – may just once a week in summer or something. If I am given an option to wear one type of NOTD all the time, I’d choose White French tips (of course I’ll ask for long square nails, I so want them). I am afraid of acrylic nails. My nails are already so flaky and brittle, acrylic nails definitely deteriorate the condition even more otherwise I would have loved to have perfect long square nails with French tips!


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