Garnier Fair Miracle – New Launch in India

Garnier has released a new product in India and it is supposed to be revolutionary product that combines the power of cream and talc in a single product. It claims to provide instant and lasting fairness, soft and glowing skin; and long lasting freshness.

Garnier has labelled this cream as suitable for all skin types.

The Garnier Fair Miracle contains Vitamin B3 & Perlite to boost fairness instantly and the talc gives its absorptive properties making it a perfect 2-in-1 product. The UV filters protect the skin from darkening.

garnier fair miracle new launch

Garnier Fair Miracle cream

* Photo provided by Garnier PR.

Key features of Garnier Fair Miracle:

  • TOUCH velvety soft & smooth skin
  • FEEL fresh, moisturised & clean skin
  • SEE instantly fair & glowing skin

Price: 49 INR

Quantity: 15 gm

I know a lot of people in India who apply talc lightly on their face in summer. So this is going to be really good product for them. There is a sizable population of India that consumes fairness creams so this product is definitely going to be a hit in the Indian market.

Since I have dry skin that gets a little oily (especially in the T-zone) in summer, I am going to try this face cream to see if it moisturizes my skin and keeps it from getting oily. And as for fairness, I am ok with my complexion but if I get fairer, I won’t be disappointed.

For the price it is a great deal!

So are you excited about this new launch from Garnier Fair Miracle Cream?

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