Gatsby Super Hard Set & Keep hair Spray – first impression review

Hey. I am in Korea now. I feel so tired after this flight and it is mainly because of the fever I traveled with, which worsened after I reached here. I have almost recovered but I still feel a little bit weak. I have been pretty much confined to the house (if you read my Sunday chitchat post, you know how bad the situation is) so I decided to buy something from the supermarket downstairs. I came back with this Gatsby Super Hard Set & Keep hair spray.

Gatsby set & keep sprays come in three forms – normal, super and extreme hold. I should have gone for the normal hold 🙁 I saw their website before doing this review and I was shocked to see that super-hold was the medium hols, I can only imagine what extreme hold does!

Gatsby Set & keep Super hold Hair spray

Gatsby Set & keep Super hold Hair spray

I do not know why I bought this since I do not have any hair spray and do not do any hairstyles that need hair sprays! In fact i do not own any other thing than my heat protectant spray – the Schwarzkopf Guardian Angel spray. And I must have been really jet-lagged to have picked up the “Super hard” setting spray.

I had not even heard about this brand before but it is apparently a good one in the affordable hair spray category. I have seen Gatsby hair sprays in India so I am sure it is a popular brand. I was only ignorant. So anyway on to the review:

This hair spray is meant for both men and women and it has a strong hold on the hair. I have wavy hair, I made a couple of braids on the underside on my head and then slept at night. The next morning I sprayed this on my curled hair and it stayed throughout the day BUT my hair was a little rough to touch.

And somehow it was not spreading evenly on my hair. Another thumbs down in my opinion. It does have a slight citrus-y smell and holds the hair well so  am sure it will do good in heavy-duty hair holding department for a person like me who has dry hair, I want my hair to be smoother.

Rating – 2.5/5

Recommend – No

I bought the travel size (thank God!) bottle even though it is usually available in 200 ml category. And I do not plan to use it unless I do something very dramatic with my hair and I will not repurchase it. I would rather invest into Tresemme or Schwarzkopf hair sprays.

Have you tried the Gatsby super hard set & keep spray? Which is your favorite hair spray?

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