Getting Ready for Fall – Hair color Update!

It is time to revamp my look and welcome the new season with open arms. Just kidding! If given a choice I would have only April and September months throughout the year – Spring and early fall. This fall I have decided to do something I dread the most, umm, besides killing a cockroach with my slipper. Yuck! So anyway it is about hair, something that I never experiment with.

Actually there is a long disastrous story of my hair adventure which started and ended roughly 11 years ago. So this time for my makeover, I decided to do something unusual. So I zeroed in to play a little bit with my hair color.

I had heard great things about the bubble hair colors available here in Korea so I checked out the various brands that offered these and ended up contemplating buying from the Etude House.

I was a bit nervous about the outcome so I decided to play to safe and buy L’Oreal Paris Excellence creme in 6.54 Dark Mahogany Copper Blonde. I have dark brown hair so any brown shade would have done nothing to change my look so I opted for something different and yet within a safe color range.

photo of contents of the L'Oreal Excellence Creme Hair Color Box

L’Oreal Excellence creme Hair Color

The pack contains:
Protective Pre-color Serum,
Protective Créme Colorant,
Créme developer (a comb to attach and apply color to hair),
Protective conditioner and a pair of gloves.

I read the instructions yesterday when I bought it. So following the guidelines, I washed my hair in the morning and allowed it to air dry. I was ready by evening. Here are the steps and instructions I followed:

Step 1: Apply Protective Pre-color Serum to my hair concentrating on the ends. And then spread it evenly using a wide -tooth comb.

Step 2: Mix Protective Créme Colorant and Créme developer in a ceramic bowl and apply after dividing my hair in three parts.

Step 3: Apply the color evenly on my hair using a hair brush after wearing gloves.

Step 4: Wait for 25 minutes and then wash off the color with water. (no shampoo)

Step 5: Nourished my hair using the Protective Conditioner.

Step 6: Wash off the conditioner.

Product Claim – Excellence by L’Oréal, our first hair color with Triple Protection system revitalizes and protects hair from the inside and out. Now, get younger-looking hair and rich, radiant color. And grays? What grays? Nothing protects better. Nothing covers grays better.

My experience: Since this was my first time coloring my hair in 11 years, I cannot compare this product with any other in the market. However, I can tell the difference between my hair before and after coloring my hair. My hair is not any more dry or soft than it was pre-coloring.

I needed gray coverage and I think the color did a great job and now my hair looks far more uniform (even?) than it has in a long time. So a big thumbs up on that.

The post-color conditioner was very moisturizing and I think it did make a huge difference in how my hair felt even though it did not look very different than the before condition.

The color on the box was way richer and copper-y than what I ended up. I expected but more red and copper. It is too early to jump to conclusions in this aspect. I will wait a day or two and then wash it again to before coming to a definite conclusion.

Rating – 3/5
Recommend – Yes (especially for gray coverage)
Repurchase – Maybe (I want to try bubble color now)

I hope the color lasts at least a couple of months since my hair is very slow to grow out. At this point I have no plans to color my hair regularly and I am going to take care good care of my hair to improve its health. I will report back in two months with the update. Stay tuned!

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