Giveaway – The Real Story!

Disclaimer: This post is just about sharing my thoughts rather than giving any explanation or blaming anyone about what happened during my May FabBag giveaway.

Hi everyone! I just finished hosting a giveaway a day before and declared the results yesterday. Immediately afterwards, a participant started sending me tweets that the winner had copied some of her tweets and hence didn’t deserve to win. I was not online so probably a couple of hours later when I logged in I found both of the ladies being a bit nasty to each other about the whole ordeal.

Somewhere in between, the participant started saying things to me. It was not something nice to deal with, considering that I am spending my money on this giveaway and I did not say anything to her.

I still looked into her accusations about the tweet copy thing and did find a few of them quite similar. I told her that I did see the resemblance in a few tweets but also that the winner had participated on the blog, facebook, Instagram in addition to Twitter. I urged both of them to deal with the issue gracefully.

Now this participant started saying a few more things to me but I did not reply. She later blocked me. I have no problems with any of that. The only thing is that people make a big deal out of such little things. People can have their opinions, I have no problem with that but I have zero tolerance for disrespectful behavior.

Here’s the deal, giveaways are time-consuming and unless a company is sponsoring, they cost money but I don’t know about others, I like to do them to reward my readers and also get a chance to get a new audience. And there is nothing wrong with that in my dictionary.

It would be easy for me to do a Rafflecopter giveaway and pick a random winner based on a number but it is so random (I have done that 3 times for my International giveaways) and I always felt that the reward went to someone who might have just followed the steps and not spent a minute on the blog or be even remotely interested in the blog.

So I decided to do it manually and see participation – how many tweets, facebook shares, interaction with me etc. a subscriber has done and picking up a winner based on that. I am not into boot-licking so I never ask for people to butter me up, infact I hate that. I like honest and open interaction, anyone who has interacted with me might already know that. This giveaway technique worked well last time and I got two lovely Internet friends – Farhana and Ritu Rawat – from that.

I expected the same this time.

Anyhow, I cannot control what others think but all I can say is that whether it is a review, a giveaway or anything in life – I am as honest as anyone can be. This is my blog and I work hard every single day for it, I am going to make decisions my way. If anyone has any problem with how I handle things, they can exit my internet world and remove me from theirs. I am ok with people not liking me or not agreeing with me. I like to be fair but I am not here to please anyone.

I hope I am not blowing this issue ridiculously out of proportion. I am not looking for approval or anything from this post, please so not feel the need to do anything for this particular issue.

I just wanted to share the story behind what happened yesterday as I am not the one to bite my tongue. And yes, the winner of that giveaway is still going to get her prize.

Now that I have dealt with the little negative side of the giveaway, let me take this opportunity to also thank everyone who has participated in this giveaway and made it a success. All of you have been so gracious about the results the whole giveaway thing and also being supportive of the blog. Thank you!


  1. Pallavi Rohatgi says:

    Well Its not only here with you but I’ve seen many such so called Cat-fights over the course of the contest period.Take the giveaway in a sporting spirit,whether by fair or unfair means the person who wins respect her..
    Today its her tomorrow it can be you!!

  2. Chanchal Bahety says:

    Hats off really
    Loved every line.
    Winners or losers b calm frndz be gentle n humble to the giveaway ppl

  3. shilpashetty86 says:

    Very well said Ritu,.. Its the truth that some one will win… Its common to be feel bad, but arguing and proving something wrong doesn’t make any sense,.. I have participated in thousands of giveaways,.. hardly won only one,.. Feel bad everytime,.. but when the next giveaway comes i will cheer myself 🙂 Btw, I liked your blog,.. waiting for May FabBag review,.. Keep rocking, Dont bother much about silly issues,.. xoxo… lov u,…

  4. Shweta Murarka says:

    It has happened so many times with me also as a participant.I hv also fought cos i put in efforts to win it…and when some other tries to snatch it away i do feel bad.If the decision is not fair we wil surely speak up but it should be done respectfully .And in the end its the decision of the host.Btw i dint fight here in this giveaway.:) It was a nice giveaway.i did took part.Thankyou for the awesome giveaway.

    • Ritu says:

      I understand your point Shweta. In this particular instance, the copying was not very clear. Plus the person who turned out to be a winner had some other good tweets in addition to other social media interactions. I decided to believe that the matching of the choice of the words (happened only on one day, same format) in a few tweets was a bad coincidence. From what I saw, it was not like every tweet was copied. But of course I can never be sure. Bad behaviour was off-putting, else there was nothing wrong with bringing the issue up.

  5. Vibha says:

    I m impressed.. Was surfing something else.. Somehow reached your blog n your first article itself earned a huge fan in me..

  6. Akanksha dutta says:

    Hello..and sorry..because u had to deal with this sort of misdemeanor on ur blogs….saw this type of behavior usually on YouTube.. I hate it! Yaar we all come and read to gather new info on various subjects ,not to judge ppl or have cat fights! I really liked how u dealt with the situation and wrote abt it in straightforward manner..I want to subscribe and read more of what u write… All the. Best with ur future blogs.. 🙂 ….

  7. Farhana says:

    This post was really needed ..Yes we have to be cordial to each other even if we lose and show sportsmanship ..Love you ..That’s incredible post 🙂

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