The Great Yearly Sale at Innisfree! (Skincare and makeup Shopping Haul)

So Innisfree yearly Sale just culminated. I had not tried too many of their products (thanks to Etude House, Missha, The Face Shop, Nature Republic, Skin 79, Maybelline for emptying my pockets before I could look at Innisfree stuff) so decided to check it out since this is (my) Birthday, Wedding Anniversary month (+ Valentine’s day) and I did not shop much, only received gifts(ha!) Apparently Innisfree products are so good that people forget important things for Innisfree Sales and new launches. Last year there was a lot of tension on the Korean border. And while the world was searching for the latest news, the most searched terms in South Korea were related to Innisfree new launch and sale! (That says a lot, doesn’t it?) So anyway let’s move on to the haul!

innisfree makeup and skincare

Innisfree shopping haul

Innisfree skincare and makeup haul:

  • It’s Real Bija mask
  • It’s Real Shea butter mask
  • It’s Real Gold Kiwi mask
  • Berry Hydro Gel mask
  • Cactus Hydro Gel mask
  • White Tone Up Sleeping Pack
  • Eco base Coat
  • Moisture Firming Eye Cream
  • Mint Green Tea Fresh Shampoo
  • Olive Real Multi Salve
  • Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Sponge
  • 100% Natural Jelly Jeju Cleansing Sponge
  • Innisfree Powder Blush #6

Watch my haul video:

I picked up loads of skincare items since I have heard that they have very good nature-origin products and are good for the skin with less chemicals.

innisfree face masks

Innisfree it’s Real and Hydro gel masksheets

The first thing I picked up was their face masksheets. Every Korean brand has many types of face masksheets and since I have tried masksheets from Mamonde, Etude House, Holika Holika, Nature Republic and The Face Shop, I thought it would be a good idea to get more. Just kidding! I mean I now have reference points to compare so it would be easy to find out how effective the face masks from Innisfree are!

After picking up 3 It’s Real masks (Biji, Shea Butter, Gold Kiwi masks) I also picked up two (a little more expensive and different) Hydro Gel masksheets (Cactus and Berry) which I guess will be more moisturizing.

sleeping pack

Innisfree White Tone Up Sleeping Pack

The Sleeping pack looked really interesting too and at the discount it looked affordable to me! I have heard great things about the Laneige Water Sleeping pack but since it is 25000 KRW and not on Sale, I thought of giving this White Tone Up Sleeping Pack a chance. I applied it last night and so far I am glad I picked this up.

nail polish base coat

Innisfree Eco Base Coat

I have not used a Base coat on my nails before applying a nail paint and since I see a bit of staining on my nails, I bought an Eco base coat. Nothing interesting in this story 😉

Innisfree Global website:

innisfree eye cream

Innisfree Moisture Firming Eye Cream

I also wanted to buy a good eye cream. I had my eyes on the Etude House Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream for quite sometime now and I know I will get it sooner or later but I still picked this one up. My sisters do not use eye creams (or any special skincare things) so I can always share these with them 😉 I can never have too many skincare items anyway!

innisfree hair products - shampoo

Innisfree Mint Green Tea Shampoo

I got the Mint Green tea Fresh Shampoo just because it sounded nice especially for spring/summer and I want to change my hair care products (despite loving what I am using at the moment).

innisfree multi purpose cream

Innisfree Olive Multi Salve

I picked up the Olive multi salve just to add it to my handbag. My hands, lips and chin get dry and sometimes I apply the hand cream that I keep in my handbag when I am on the go! It would be nice to have a moisturizing multi purpose product for those times. And it looks travel-friendly, compact and moisturizing!

innisfree konjac sponge

Innisfree Eco Beauty Tool – Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Sponge (brown), Jelly Jeju Cleansing Sponge (White)

I am most excited about the Cleansing Sponges that I got from Innisfree (Jeju Volcanic Cleansing Sponge and 100% Natural Jelly Jeju Cleansing Sponge). I started using the Jelly sponge (white) already and my skin felt cleaner than it does after using a scrub! Of course I will use it everyday for at least 2-3 weeks before finalizing my opinion (and doing a review!) And since these sponges last 2-3 months (supposed to be replaced regularly), I bought 2 at the same time. I will not open the other sponge until I am done with this one. Since I will not be in Korea after a couple of months, I sort of bought a back up!

innisfree powder blush

Innisfree Mineral Solid Color Powder Blush #6

The last and the only makeup item I got from Innisfree is their Mineral Solid color powder blush #6. It is a coral shade with more orange in it. I have never used a shade like this before and I think it should work good for spring and summer for the natural flush to the cheeks. There were no testers at the time I was there so I just picked it up by guess. I will be disappointed if this does not work well.

So that complete my first haul from Innisfree. I went there twice during the SALE and the second haul will be soon this week!

Have you tried any products from Innisfree? What would you like try from Korean brands? What are your favorite Innifree products(if any)?


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