H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream – Review

H2O Plus in not a new brand but I got introduced to the brand when I received it in my first MY ENVY BOX. Since this was a more travel-friendly sized product, I kept it for weeks before opening it. I just finished using it and thought of sharing my review here!

H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream

H2O+ Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream – Review

Product: H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream

Claim: H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care hand cream intensely moisturizes hands and cuticles while imparting a clean, fresh scent with Shea Butter, Hydrolyzed Silk Proteins and Hydrating Marine Blend. Lightweight and non-greasy, it leaves smooth skin and strong nails and cuticles.

Quantity: 180 ml

Price: 1100 INR

* I used a 30 ml size bottle that I received in a previous My Envy Box.

H2O Plus Spa Targeted Care Hand and Nail cream comes in a grey and squeeze out plastic tube packaging with white flip-open (with an option of twist-open) lid. To be honest for the price, the packaging is pretty plain. But it is functional and travel-friendly.

The hand cream is white in color and has a thick consistency. I expected this to be a heavy-duty cream but it is light-weight and absorbs fast. I am not a huge fan of the smell though. No one I know had a problem with it but I mind the weirdly mellow smell. It is not necessarily Spa-like but something on the terms of baby powder with floral scent (something like that!)

I like that this fast absorbing cream moisturizes hands well but since I have dry skin, I enjoy using creams that are a but more moisturizing. A couple of Happy Bath hand creams, that are super affordable, have been my absolute favorites recently. As for the cuticles and nails, I have not noticed any difference after using this cream.

Overall, I liked using this hand cream but it is not in my favorites list by any means. It is not very affordable or easy to find and the moisturizing effect is not long-lasting. My hands have not been any less dry than they are this time of the year after using this hand cream. So the respite I get from dryness after using this hand and nail cream is temporary.

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes.

Repurchase: Maybe. I like this hand cream but I have used plenty of other hand creams that perform equally well and they come at a more affordable price.

Have you tried H2O Plus Targeted Care Hand and Nail Cream? Which is your favorite hand cream ever? Comment below!

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