Hand Care Routine and Hand Creams!

It has been a long time since I posted something about my hand care routine. Must have been when I was reviewing The Face Shop Nail packs and Etude House moisturizing gloves! So today I thought of showing my currently is use hand creams and my general hand care routine.

I am a hand cream collector. The first thing I look out for from any brand is their hand creams. I have some luxury hand creams on my bucket list (LOL) and two of those brands are L’Occitane and Crabtree & Evelyn. Anyway. I have tried many hand creams from Korean brands and I always admire the cute packaging! Most hand creams are also quite affordable here and travel-friendly. So here are all of the hand creams I am using in rotation.

hand cream and hand care routine

My Hand Creams!

Hand Creams:

  • The Face Shop Fruit Bowl Lemon Hand cream
  • Beyond Rich & Touch Cocoa Hand Butter
  • LG ON: The Body Cherry Blossom hand cream
  • Nivea SOS Hand Balm
  • Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Collagen Hand cream
  • Neutrogena Nourishing Nordic Berry Hand cream

(Yes I have a few more hand creams, what can I say – I cannot resist buying more hand creams)

I finished using up 3 of my hand creams so 3 of the hand creams mentioned above are new for me. I am yet to review all of the hand creams mentioned above so stay tuned for reviews! I should add that The Face Shop Lemon hand cream smells divine (smells the best of all these). It is citrus and fresh, I reserve it to carry with me when I am travelling or going out for a day-long trip. It is refreshing to smell (also helps with overcoming nausea for me during travel) and moisturizing to apply!

My hand care routine:

  1. I moisturize my hands every time I wash my hands after a meal, after bath in the morning, before going to sleep and whenever my hands feel dry.
  2. I try to remember putting on gloves before doing the dishes or any other housework dealing with water.
  3. I try to use gentle hand wash.
  4. I keep hand cream in many places and bags because I am lazy and if I do not have a cream at hand, I will be unlikely to stand up to grab one! So I have one in the bathroom, one in each handbag (I am currently using 3 bags in rotation), one on my vanity, one on my desk and one on my bedside table!
  5. I apply a deep moisturizing (face or hand) mask to my hands at least once a month. And after washing the mask off I apply a hand cream, wear a pair cotton gloves and leave it overnight or at least 3-4 hours. I sometimes also do the same thing for my feet.
  6. I apply cuticle and nail oil at least twice a week.

My skin is really dry so I have to care for my hands more diligently than other people. Plus I started doing these things regularly a couple of years ago. I have years of neglect to cover up for!

What is your hand care routine and what are your favorite hand creams?


  1. moi sanom says:

    Oh my hands are sooo dry its ridiculous. I get these itches and sometimes it hurts. I have a huge problem though with finding a good hand cream. Most of the creams for dry skin dont sink in fast enough or leave a film on my hands which makes it feel dirty to me. I have tried 2 korean creams though which were surprisingly nice and didnt have residue. I cant wait to try more now.
    I would love to read your review for the etude house hand bouquet lotion since i ave it in my cart 🙂

    • Ritu says:

      I have dry hands too! When they get very dry, I try using moisturizing hand gloves like from Etude House or the Face Shop for a couple of days. And try to moisturize after every single time I wash my hands (that explains so many hand creams). I will review the Etude House Hand Bouquet hand cream next week 🙂

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