Happy Bath Moisture Hand Cream – Review

I am a sucker for bath products and when I read “Happy Bath” on a range of bath products, I think of a large bathtub, filled with aroma oils, loads of bubbles surrounded by candles and I relaxing playing with the bubbles singing songs. Or this is the definition of Happy Bath time for me!

I came across Happy Bath at emart and Olive Young stores here in South korea. The packaging is neat and classy, the products smell good and the price range stands somewhere between drugstore and high end brands. The plethora of options in skincare lines (in korea) kept me away from trying Happy Bath products but last week I gave in during a “shopping escapade” on a boring day.

I ran out of my TBS Wild Rose hand cream and have been using this for more than a couple days now. I did not have a great experience with my last two hand creams so I was extra cautious in selecting one this time.

Photo of my haul from Love Young store

Bioderma Sensibio H2O, Happy Bath Shea Butter Hand cream, White Now toothpaste by LG and Style Pen Nail paint remover pads

Happy Bath Moisture Hand Cream has Shea Butter (specifically mentioned as Africa Shea Butter) as the main moisturizing ingredient which we all know is considered one of the best for its moisturizing properties. There was no tester in sight so I tried other hand creams but finally zeroed in on “Happy bath” (ahem!)

I tried it while walking back home and even though it does a great work of moisturizing my hands and the consistency is good for a heavy-duty hand cream job, I was a little disappointed overwhelmed by the scent of it. There is something in the cream (which I can’t figure out since everything apart from the name is written in Korean) that has a very sharp scent. So I cannot apply this at night or it will give a little shock to my sleepy senses!

Rating: 3/5
Recommend: Yes (if you have really dry hands and can stand a little initial kick to the senses)
Repurchase: Maybe.

I think many other hand creams can do a similar job (like Vaseline hand and nail cream) which cost 1/3 of this cream. I liked the consistency so I may go for another hand cream from Happy Bath if they have a sale 😉 What can I say, I love me some SALE!

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