Heat Protectant Spray – Schwarzkopf got2b Guardian Angel Review

got2b Guardian Angel heat Protectant spray is the only Schwarzkopf product I have ever used. The reason behind it is that I am not a big experimenter with my hair. I think I have never confessed to being super boring with my hair styles on my blog here! Special occasions have to be really special in order for me to do something more than a blow dry! Even for my birthday I just straightened my hair.

So hair sprays in any form like heat protectants, hair mousse, setting sprays, volumizing sprays had no appeal to me. It was only recently that I promised to push out of my comfort zone and at least try to present my prematurely graying wavy hair in a better way. I turned to YouTube gurus for recommendation and Schwarzkopf’s got2b Guardian Angel seemed to be a favourite. I decided to get one through a friend of mine.

Photo of Schwarzkopf got2b guardian Angel Heat protectant spray

got2b Guardian Angel heat protectant spray

Claim: Protect your sizzling styles with got 2b guardian angel. With up to 220°C heat protection, your hair will be invincible when using hot irons + blow-dryers.

It claims to protect hair from the heat damage caused by blow dryers and straighteners (upto 220 degrees). Even though I am a bit skeptical (typical! ahem) that any sort of spray can protect 100% I do think the theory of having a coat of heat protectant spray over hair can help lessen the damage.

I have been trying for for a few days (not daily or even regularly) and I like the shine my hair has after blow drying/straightening. I keep taking breaks in between these sessions since my hair is not the healthiest anyway and I am afraid of damaging it even more for the sake of fashion.

The product does not lead to any apparent buildup in hair, is lightweight and does not make my hair weigh down (which may  not even be a big problem since I have thick wavy hair which flies everywhere and has too much volume) and it makes my hair look shinier and healthier!

Rating – 4/5
 – Yes.
Repurchase – Yes. I will definitely repurchase this even though I will also try other brands.

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