Review: Nature Republic Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream

Hi there! I am back after a day of fever and cold to share my thoughts about the Nature Republic Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream. I am still having cough and stuffy nose but no fever or bodyache so I thought of distracting myself with some beauty stuff. It always works!

I have always used a cleansing milk or an oil to remove my makeup. I have used cleansing milks from Lakme, L’oreal, Chambor, Oriflame, VLCC and Shahnaz Hussain and Olive Oil, Almond Oil or Coconut Oil to remove my makeup but never a cleansing cream. As I have dry skin (and have a need to try out new stuff), it was my duty to try out a cleansing cream in South Korea.

photo of my Nature Republic Cleansing Cream

Nature Republic Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream

Since The Face Shop is my favorite brand, I decided to try out their cleansing cream one day. Somehow I went to the Nature Republic store first and caught myself buying their Purple Honey cleansing cream. Sorry The Face Shop! I have been using it once a week. The reason for that is because I like to rotate my cleansing products and also use a natural product.

So on one day I use almond oil, then Oriflame Cleansing milk, then Nature Republic cleansing cream etc. I do not apply full face makeup especially foundation or powder everyday so I do not ‘have’ to apply a heavy duty cleanser usually. For removing eye makeup, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

Onto the review:

Product: Herb Dressing Purple Honey Cleansing Cream (150ml)
Scent: Mild Citrus scent with a hint of lavender
Claim: This cleansing cream removes makeup and impurities. It cleanses the skin and makes skin look clear and transparent.
How To Use:
1. Apply an appropriate amount to the entire face
2, Gently massage until the makeup dissolves
3. Wipe off with a tissue
4. Wash with the foam cleanser.

Review:  The consistency of this cleansing cream is thick. It glides on the face and does dissolve the makeup easily. I wipe it off with a wet cotton rather than a tissue and then wash my face using a gentle face wash. I have not noticed any makeup residue transfer on my towel so I do believe that it take off the makeup completely. I do not notice any extra moisturizing effect from this cleansing cream once I wash my face.

Criticism: There are no skin nourishing agents in this cream and the “herb dressing” term is misleading since there are no ‘herbs’ in this cleansing cream. It does contain honey extract (only) but I do not know how effective it is since it is way down in the ingredient list.
This cleansing cream also has mineral oil (#2 in Ingredient list) so the smooth texture seems to come from that (Aqua and Glycerin are also there – #1 and #3). And the “purple” comes from added red and blue colors. Nature Republic itself has products with better ingredients than this.

Rating: 3.5/5 (only on the basis of makeup removal)
Recommend: Depends. Read below
Repurchase: No

I will recommend this to people with all skin types since this is just meant to dissolve the makeup and is not absorbed by the skin (especially since you will be washing your face with a foam cleanser) if you do not mind colors, mineral oil and parabenes in your skincare products!

I am happy that this cleansing cream removes makeup completely but I like to have more from the products I apply especially on my face.

The Nature Republic Herb Dressing cleansing cream comes in two other “flavors” – Herb Dressing White Honey Cleansing Cream, Herb Dressing Gold Honey Cleansing Cream. This cleanser cost me less than 5$ since I bought it from the store in Seoul but I just saw that it sells for 11 or 14 bucks on Amazon. I do not think it is worth buying for that price.


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