Holika Holika Sebum Clear Powder in Mist Sweet Cotton – Review!

Facial mists are not my thing but that is not to take away anything from them. They serve a purpose and most people swear by facial sprays but I try to stay away from them because I feel that alcohols are bad for my skin. All face mists have alcohols which evaporate after application. So when I received the Holika Holika Sebum Clear Powder in Mist in my first ever Memebox, I was not thrilled. I decided to wait for summer to try it out. I am now ready with my review!

holika holika sweet cotton face mist

Holika Holika Sweet Cotton Sebum Clear Powder in Mist

Product: Holika Holika Sebum Clear Powder in Mist – Sweet Cotton

Claim: Infused with a blend of cranberry, dragon fruit, apple mint and powder, this facial mist replenishes dehydrated skin and locks in makeup with a silky, cotton-like finish. It is light-weight, non-sticky and creates a sweat-proof, non-smudging coat over your face for a fresh looking makeup all day.

Quantity: 65 ml

Price: $8

Holika Holika  Sweet CottonSebum Clear Powder in Mist comes in a light blue transparent plastic spray bottle with pastel stickers. Even though the packaging style is basic, the cute print, colors and fonts make this much nicer to look at. The mist itself looks milky and has a watery consistency. It is because of the fine power particles in the mist. But it comes out clear after spraying and does not leave any visible residue on the face which makes this perfect as a setting spray.

I used this after moisturizing my face and also through the day to freshen up my skin. It felt so hydrating and soothing to the skin, it also made me sweat less. When I used this Holika Holika face mist as a setting spray to set my makeup, it made my makeup look fresh for longer. It also smells really fresh, Sweet Cotton is an apt name, and the scent is not too strong so it is soothing to the senses!

I did not notice any visible difference to my skin otherwise as I was worried about getting dry skin for using this spray. Being a skincare snob that I am, I will still consider this as something for special days to freshen up my skin (like while travelling) or for special occasions to make my makeup last longer but not for everyday!

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: No

I am still not a huge fan of the face mists but I really like using them as makeup setting sprays. They make the makeup last and look fresh longer. If you have oily skin, you will probably enjoy using the various kinds of face mists especially this one since it is non-sticky and freshens up the skin on use!

Have you tried Holika Holika Sebum Clear Powder in Mist? Do you like facial sprays? Comment below!

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