How To Travel in Style – Some Must-have Bags!

I was not into travelling until I was in my late twenties. Being in familiar environment, surrounded by familiar people made me feel safe and content but then life gave me a chance to explore the unknown and reformed me into a traveler. Now I love travelling! And being a shopaholic, I cannot help myself pick up things to ease packing and traveling. I always pick up various kinds of travel organizers and accessories. Here is a list of my must have bags!

1. Duffel bags

Duffel bags work the best for an overnight trip. They are easy to carry around and can fit most of the things that you may need for an overnight trip. They have a convenient shape which is easy to keep and store anywhere. For more convenience, you can pack clothes, shoes, makeup/toiletries in their respective organizers.

Duffel bag

Duffel bag


2. Laptop bags

I am a huge fan of backpacks especially as laptop bags. Most backpacks come with a cushioned compartment for the laptop to keep it safe during travel, they also have a lot more room to add the charger and add a pair of clothes. I sometimes use my laptop backpack for an overnight trip if I need to take my laptop with me, which is 90% of the time even since I became a blogger!

For everyday use, I sometimes like to carry my laptop bag in a laptop sleeve with handle and everything else in my handbag. One of my favorite laptop bags is the one with wheels!

Laptop Bag - Backpack

Laptop Bag – Backpack

Laptop Bag - Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Bag – Laptop Sleeve

3. Strolley bags

Years ago when I first got a chance to travel long distance, my parents gifted me with a beautiful red and blue strolley. I remember walking around the house with my empty strolley to create my style of carrying my strolley. Ever since then I have been fascinated with strolley bags. I now have 3 strolley bags, each in a different style – large fiber suitcase, medium polyester zip bag, cabin-size fiber suitcase. For international travel, I like to carry the larger fiber suitcase for check-in and the cabin-size one as my carry on!

Strolley bag

Strolley bag


4. Trekking bags

One of the most convenient forms of bags that I have ever used are trekking bags. I cannot recommend these for air travel since they are bigger in size and may create problems especially during international flights, but they are perfect for all other occasions especially train travel! I have used them as pillow too ūüėČ I feel like I can fit my world into my trekking bag and since these fit well as backpacks, these keep me hands-free!

Trekking bag

Trekking bag

5. Travel Organizers

Organizing maniacs like me find packing using travel organizers therapeutic. I am always searching for travel organizers, each one slightly different in size and purpose than the other. Two types of travel organizers I always have while travelling are makeup organizer/vanity case and jewelry organizer! These days I also have organizers to store and carry shoes, electronics and even delicates!

travel organizer

Here are some of my most used travel bags:

my most used must have travel bags

1. American Tourister Turquoise Strolley
2. Samsonite Laptop Bag (Backpack)
3. Roncato vanity case
4. Olive Duffel bag (with wheels)

I have also collected plenty of mesh bags and small pouches to carry my makeup around. Of course not everyone would need every single type of bag but I think a strolley suitcase, laptop bag and vanity organizer work for the needs of frequent and seasoned travelers!

Note: Photos belong to AskMe Bazaar.

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