Plus Size Fashion: My Birthday Outfit and makeup

Plus Size Fashion: My Birthday Outfit and Makeup

Hi everyone, it was my birthday last month. I did not get to celebrate it since my sister-in-law got married that week itself and it has not been smooth sailing since then. I have had health issues and job-related commitments in addition to fatigue to tend to which is why you are going to see my birthday outfit today. So let’s get started!

birthday outfit

Outfit details:

Dress: AND
Tights: H&M
Boots: Marks & Spencer
Jacket: Gipsy

I had high fever on the night before my birthday. So I wanted to dress up and go out, and yet stay warm. So I chose this deep emerald green dress from AND. I picked it a couple of years ago. Since it’s a knee-length dress, I paired it my deep blue H&M woolen tights and black Marks & Spencer knee-high boots.

plus size dresses for women


The whole outfit was cool toned so I decided to break the pattern and add a warm-toned jacket. This is a suede jacket from Gipsy. I love this jacket but would have liked shorter sleeves since these ones hang weirdly on me. If I had a similar jacket in black, blue, etc., I would have definitely worn that. Anyhow.

makeup and beauty tips

Since I was not well, I did not want to do a lot of makeup. So I ended up using a shimmer-y eyeshadow all over my eyelid (from my L’Oreal eyeshadow palette), bold eyeliner (L’Oreal Gel Intenza eyeliner in 05 Sapphire Blue) and a playful pink lipstick (L’Oreal Paris Gold Obsession lipstick in Rose Gold) in addition to my L’Oreal True Match BB cream.

As usual, I paid zero attention to my hairstyle and just tied it in a high ponytail. The green reflector sunglasses I am wearing are from I love them even though they do not seem to be the ideal choice for protecting eyes from the sun!

plus size dresses for women

I did not accessorize a lot for this look even though I usually like to wear lots of accessories. But I think the green earrings add to the whole outfit. So yeah, this was quite a “throw something on and try to enjoy the birthday” kinda look 😉

What do you think about my birthday outfit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Fashion: What I Wore to My Sister-in-law’s Reception!

Curvy Fashion: Outfits from my Sister-in-law’s Wedding Reception!

Hi everyone, today I have the final fashion post from my sister-in-law’s wedding for you. My sister-in-law got married in the first week of February and there was reception hosted by her new family the weekend after the wedding. We went to their city to attend the reception and ended up having a lot of fun. Here is my outfit from the wedding reception.

Outfit for Sister-in-law's Wedding Reception

Outfit for Sister-in-law’s Wedding Reception

When I was selecting my outfits for the wedding, I had comfort and modesty in mind in addition to keeping the colors and styles as varied as I could. I wore Reddish Orange to my sister-in-law’s engagement, Electric blue for the wedding, Deep Fuscia outfit for lagan, Burgundy for sangeet and Yellow for Bhath functions. I picked seafoam green for the reception outfit.

The top is a like a floor-length anarkali with a slit in the middle and a beige khadi skirt. I love mirror work so I picked this one up instead of other dresses with rhinestone-studded necklines. I have worn this skirt in my Karvachauth outfitt already. This dress is from Benazir store in Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.

plus size clothing for women

My outfit from my sister in law’s reception

plus size Outfit for Sister-in-law's Wedding Reception

Outfit for Sister-in-law’s Wedding Reception

I wanted to play with my accessories for this outfit since I had worn traditional jewellery for the all the other outfits. So I wore my teal flower necklace (I got from Zotiqq) and an earcuff from Amazon. I decided to stack all of my bangles in one hand and wore a watch in the other. I got plenty of compliments for this outfit as well.

I did my own makeup while a makeup artist used a curling iron to create waves. I had not worn orange lipstick on other functions so I wore it with this outfit even though I think I could have worn other colors too. Actually, I color-coordinated my nails with my lipstick.

Makeup look for my Sister-in-law’s Wedding Reception

I created a dewy skin look by mixing my L’Oreal Paris True Match BB Cream and Revlon Photo Ready Skinlights face Illuminator. I applied a dusty pink blush which is not even visible in the photos. I created a bold eye look by applying a thick eyeliner using L’Oreal Gel Intenza eyeliner in Royal Blue. Mascara and Orange lipstick finished the look. The ring is from Soni Sapphire.

Outfit for Sister-in-law's Wedding Reception ootd

My Outfit for Sister-in-law’s Wedding Reception

This is the last outfit post from my sister-in-law’s wedding. Do check out my engagement outfit as well as the wedding outfit posts here.

What do you think of my reception outfit? Comment below!

5 Gowns to Look Stylish this Season

Gowns and skirts are two of the most feminine clothing items that you can have in your wardrobe. They are trending big time and if you have not tried them out yet, now is the best time to update your wardrobe and add a few long skirts and gowns to your wardrobe.

A-line, wrap around and flared skirts are some of the options inthe category of long skirts for women. Long skirts have always popular since they are the best tools to create a flattering silhouette in addition to being comfortable, stylish and elegant.They can come in soft and flowy fabrics, and a range of prints to suit the different preferences of different people.

Gowns used to be considered a predominantly western concept, however, many designers have brought them to India by creating a fusion of Anarkali suits and lehengacholi with western gowns and dresses. The result is a modern and flattering gown, helping women achieve a taller and slimmer look. Women can wear these gowns to all kinds of occasions including festivals, wedding-related functions, and other events.

Here are 5 gowns that you can add to your wardrobe to stay fashion-forward this season!

Traditional Style Gown: If western style gowns are not your thing, you can wear gowns with a more traditional look. These gowns look like floor-length Anarkali dresses and can be accessorised with dainty jewellery for an ethnic look.Many of these dresses come with matching leggings and dupatta so that you can wear them on festivals and for family functions.

digital print gown

Digital Print Gown: One of the trendiest looks of the season is a digital print gown. These gowns look beautiful and come in a wide array of colours, and have some of the most splendid colour combinations. They are a far cry from the traditional style gowns and have unique prints and designs that will help you stand out of the crowd.

Indo-Western Gown: For special occasions and parties, you can opt for an indo-western gown. Made out of silk, satin and other luxurious fabrics, these gowns look ethereal on anyone. You can go for traditional prints such as paisley or geometrical print amongst others. Block prints in gold, silver or other metallic shades also add to the whole look of these gowns.

craftsvilla gown

Bollywood Designer Gown: If you want to steal the limelight at a party or function, you need to check out the Bollywood designer gowns. These gowns have a full-length skirt underneath an ankle-length top with a slit at the centre. Some of the designs have the skirt attached to the top while in others, it comes as a two-piece outfit. Colour blocking takes this outfit to a whole new level.

Mermaid Style Gown: The best way to show off your curves is to wear a mermaid-style gown. The fitted look accentuates your curves and the flared bottom adds to the whole feminine look of the gown. Flattering neckline and smart accessorizing can create a look that people will remember for a long time.

*Photo Credits:

It might be tough to go to retail stores and hunt for a particular gown of your choice. You have a better chance when you decide to buy these dresses online. Most of the reputed online clothing stores have a huge collection that you can browse to choose the gown that will be the best for you.

Fashion: What I Wore to My Sister-in-law’s Wedding!

Curvy Fashion: Outfits from my Sister-in-law’s Wedding!

Hi everyone, today I have a fashion post for you. I have a very classic sense of style that emphasises comfort more than anything else. For special occasions, however, I love to dress up and do not mind being a bit uncomfortable. My sister-in-law got married in the first week of February 2017 and even though I was crazy busy, being the daughter-in-law of the house, I took out time to dress up and have some fun. Here are a few of the details about the day!

Indian Lehenga Choli

My Outfit for sister-in-law’s wedding

You can also check out my what I wore to my sister-in-law’s engagement post here.

When the date of my sister-in-law’s wedding was set, I had plans of renting a lehenga in mind. I had bought a lehenga fo my other sister-in-law’s wedding and I have only worn it twice. I feel like such an expensive piece of garment must be worn multiple times and that lehenga sitting in my wardrobe just makes me think of all the money that went into buying it. I feel like I have not been able to extract the value matching its worth. Anyway. So I had plans of renting a beautiful lehenga for the wedding.

But then a couple of months ago, we came across a shop in Uttam Nagar (Delhi Saree House) where they sold semi-stitched lehengas at great prices. I decided to take a look at their collection. They started showing lehengas to me. I lied the first three they showed me but there was a colour that caught my attention in the pile in front of me. I asked the shop assistant to show it to me. The moment he opened it, I knew it was the one for me. When he told me the price, I was pleasantly surprised. Its cost was 4600 INR!

I bought it and spent 2000 INR on getting it stitched with Can-Can to add volume at the bottom. Here is a look at my lehenga choli:

indian wedding dresses

My dress for my sister in law’s wedding

I got a simple Kundan jewelry set from Soni Sapphire to add some bling to my mirror work lehenga.

I left the decision for makeup on the makeup artist at the Looks Salon (Subhash Nagar). I did ask for dewy skin, though. And I wanted to a lipstick matching the color of my dupatta which was a medium pink.

makeup look

Makeup for sister-in-law’s wedding

I usually do not experiment a lot with my hair but this time, I decided to go all out and experiment with my hair. I had a side braid in mind and I am glad that my makeup artist understood what I had in mind. In fact, she created a hairdo which was far better than what I had asked for. I call this hairstyle my Jasmine moment (Aladdin). The orchids perfectly matched my outfit as well. I should have gotten more photos clicked but I was too busy running around meeting everyone and generally having fun.

Lehenga Choli

Blue and Coral Mirror Work Lehenga Choli

It can be a bit tough to perform all the wedding-related duties in your home AND dress up. It is pretty tiring and taxing on the mind. I felt like a zombie because I was not getting more than 4 hours of sleep per night. That is why I prefer going to a salon and relaxing there while the makeup artist does his/her magic. I have suffered a lot while getting ready on my own since other people want me to do their makeup or hair. So I don’t get much time to do anything for myself. I am glad that this decision paid off and I liked how the whole look turned out.

What do you think of my outfit? Do you love getting dressed in traditional attire for weddings? Share your comments below!

Fashion: Outfits from Wedding-related functions!

What I wore to my sister-in-law’s Sangeet, Mehendi, Lagan and other functions!

Hi everyone, today I am going to share the outfits that I wore to the functions before my sister-in-law’s wedding. I had simple traditional attire on my mind for all the functions except for the lagan, wedding and reception functions. This is mainly because I had a lot of duties to fulfill as the “bahu” (Daughter-in-law) of the house. I will be doing a separate post for the wedding outfit and the reception outfit. So without further ado, let’s get started in the reverse order!

Bhaat Outfit

Outfit for Wedding-related functions

Outfit for Wedding-related functions

Outfit for Wedding-related functions

Makeup Look for Wedding-related functions

There is a custom where the maternal uncle or grandfather of the bride brings gifts for the bride and the family on the day of the wedding. These gifts are received with great pomp and show. It is called “Nankishak” in Punjabi’s while it is called “Bhaat” in Rajputs. I decided to wear a bright yellow asymmetrical kurti for this daytime function.

We were going to run to the beauty parlour for getting ready for the wedding so I kept my makeup and hairstyle simple. We danced a lot on dhol before the function as well! It was amazing!

Lagan Outfit

Makeup Look for Wedding-related party

Outfit for Wedding-related party

Outfit for Wedding-related party

We went to “Cherish Moments” in Mayapuri for the Lagan function. I decided to wear a saree this day. This was the only occasion when I wore a saree during the wedding. The saree that I wore is 7 years old and I got it from Soch in Bangalore. It was pretty inexpensive but looks so royal (to me). I wanted to try out something new so I went for a bun with “gajra”. I loved the whole look. I got a lot of compliments but the funny thing is that everyone pointed out that they did not see me as a “gajra” kinda girl. I confessed I’m not. Haha!

I got a few photos clicked just for the blog. I did my own makeup for this function. Simple smoky eye, winged liner, glowing skin and a deep lip finished the look. I got my hairdo at the RED (Schwarzkopf) salon in Dwarka. I also got my saree draping done here. I loved how this whole look turned out.

“Running Around the House Outfit”, a day before the wedding

simple outfit for wedding days

mehendi photo

My Mehendi

Since there was not major ritual during the day before the wedding, I wore a simple kurti-pajami and paired it with my glitter ballet flats. I was only wearing eyeliner and lipstick during this time.

Mehendi and Sangeet Outfit

shopping escapades

I regret choosing a simple kurta-pajami outfit for this function now but it seemed perfect considering we had both at the same time. I had mehendi on one hand when the sangeet started, I danced for 3 hours before getting mehendi on the other hand. The color of the outfit kept me carefree since the color of the mehendi could not have impacted it at all. My hair was also a mess but I had a lot of fun. I did not put on any makeup other than an eyeliner and lipstick since I was going to be dancing and sweating 😉

I danced with both of my sister-in-laws and other guests. We were dead tired by the end of the night but it ended to be the most memorable day for all of us. I got this as a semi-stitched suit from Chhabra 555 (a chain of stores in Delhi). It looks way better than it does in the pics. I just got 3 pics in this outfit, only one turned out worth sharing on the blog.

Pag-phera Outfit

Outfit for my sister-in-law's pag phera rasam

Outfit for my sister-in-law’s pag phera rasam

Outfit for my sister-in-law's pag phera rasam

Outfit for my sister-in-law’s pag phera rasam

I have also added one of the looks I sported for my sister-in-law’s “pag-phera”. We went to her in-laws house to bring her home and then hosted a dinner for her new family when they came that night to take her back home. This pajami-suit is also from a nice store in Rajouri garden, but I cannot recall its name at the moment.

The wedding and reception outfit are coming soon as well. Hope you liked these outfits!