Innisfree Berry Hydro Gel Mask – Review

Innisfree Berry Hydro Gel Mask – Review

Innisfree is fast becoming my favorite Korean brand! I have been loving their skincare products a lot. From Toner to eye cream to face masks, they have not disappointed me yet and I recently picked up a few more things from their store to try out. I got the Berry Hydro Gel mask quite some time ago and got a chance to try it out this week. So let me share with you what it is and how it worked for me!

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innisfree hydro gel mask berry review

Innisfree Hydro Gel Mask – Berry

Product: Innisfree Berry Hydro Gel mask

Claim: This hydro gel mask contains pure berry ingredients to transform puffy and dull skin into a clear and translucent complexion.

Quantity: 25 g

Price: 3 $ | Buy Online

Directions of Use:

  1. After cleansing, use toner to refine skin texture.
  2. Take out the mask from package and remove the transparent film.
  3. Position the upper mask around the eye area and remove the white film and attach the skin.
  4. Then place the lower mask around the mouth area and adhere to the skin.
  5. Remove the sheet after 20 minutes and gently pat to allow the remaining formula to absorb into the skin.

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*I forgot to take photos of this mask after I opened the packaging, but here is the photo of the Cactus Hydro gel mask from the same range.

innisfree hydrogel masksheets

Innisfree Hydro Gel mask sheets – divided in two parts

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Hydro Gel masks are a little tricky to use when compared to the normal sheet masks because there are layers of plastic sheet around the Gel sheet and the mask is divided into two parts for the upper and lower part of the face. It is not difficult to do but just needs extra caution while taking the mask out. But once you apply it, the gel sticks right to the skin and stays there for a good amount of time until removed. I kept this mask on for 20-25 minutes. By then, the mask had “dried” out a little. This action leads to firming of the skin!

I love how this mask is paraben and fragrance-free.  And there are some really cool plant extracts which work well with the skin.

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There are 5 masks in this Hydro gel face mask line:

  1. Innisfree Cactus Hydro Gel mask
  2. Innisfree Berry Hydro Gel mask
  3. Innisfree Olive Hydro Gel mask
  4. Innisfree Aloe Hydro Gel mask
  5. Innisfree Tea tree Hydro Gel mask
  6. Innisfree Canola Honey Hydro Gel mask

I have only used the Innisfree Cactus Hydro gel mask in addition to this Berry Hydro mask. I was quite impressed with the Cactus face mask too. I have not done an extensive research but from my experience, I think that Hydro gel masks work well for firming the skin and soothing. So I think these would work brilliantly for oily mature skin types. I am quite impressed even though I am still young and have dry skin, this did work well for me but the masks are not as moisturizing as I would like them to be.

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Rating: 4.25/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

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Buy Innisfree Berry Hydro Gel Mask Online

Overall I think the Innisfree Hydro gel Berry mask is a good value for money and gives skin some benefits. While the bleached/unbleached cotton masksheets are cheaper and can be used by anyone, Hydro gel mask sheets work better for people above 25. Because the hydro gel mask sheets give firming effect to the skin which is not required for people below 25 in most cases. Out of the two Innisfree Hydro Gel masks I have used, I like the Cactus Hydro gel mask slightly more than the Berry Hydro Gel mask but both have worked well enough for me to try out the rest of the line. Innisfree has won my heart with their skincare products, I will find more products to test and review for you!

Have you tried the Innisfree Hydro Gel Berry mask? Which is your favorite mask right now? Tell me in the comments section below!


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